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Winner! DietBet Breakdown and Round 2

Posted Jan 31 2013 7:30am

Helllo friends! I am happy to be here today after surviving my second class of my Real Ryder Indoor Cycling class last night. More on that in a minute!

At the end of my post yesterday I mentioned that I won a round of the DietBet. Woot! Thanks for the extra $27 or so in my pocket DietBet. Just in case you aren’t familiar with the DietBet or aren’t clear on how it works, here is a quick breakdown.


DietBet is essentially an online weight loss challenge. You have 4 weeks to lose 4% of your starting bodyweight. The site asks you to go through a process to sign up, pay your bet and verify your starting weight. As the weeks progress you can log your weight (or wait till the end) and participate in your specific challenge’s community. At the end of the challenge you log your end weight and if you have lost 4% or more of your starting weight you are asked to go through the same process to verify your end weight. Those that lost 4% take home a chunk of the pot!

The breakdown…

1. Head over to the DietBet website.

2. Sign up for a game that you know of or search for a game that is starting soon. Some of the games with larger pots are already listed on the front page, but you can also search for others. Each game has a different bet price, tells you how many players have signed up already and how much the pot is so far. Pay attention to the start dates too!


3.  Once you have joined a game and placed your bet, then it is time to verify your starting weight. It takes a few minutes to weigh yourself, take a picture of that weight, and then also take a photo of yourself on that scale.

These photos ARE NOT shared with people. Thank goodness because I was wearing a shirt that I was embarrassed to be wearing around the house all by myself. Korky even shunned me.

3. Lose the weight! You can update your weight as much as you like, participate in the community, and check out how your progress is going. People post workout updates, healthy tips, and shout outs looking for encouragement.

4. At the end of the game you enter your final weight. If you lost 4% or more then you are asked to verify your final weight. You do the exact same procedure as the beginning procedure and must do it within 48 hours of the game ending.

5. GET PAID! Once your final weight is verified you will be notified that you won and how much you won. It is deposited into your DietBet account which you can apply to other future DietBet games or cash it out through PayPal.

Easy Peasy!

A few extras…

-Not interested in joining a game getting ready to start? No problem! Start your own! You can do one with your coworkers, for a charity, or just one for your family & friends to join.

-Your weight does not have to be seen by anyone. Read the FAQs and Privacy Statement.

-There is an iphone app so you can check in on the go. I used this to weigh myself on my weigh-in day each week and then update on my way to work.

[ DietBet’s app pics ]


So all that said, I have decided to join another DietBet! Roni, FitBloggin’ founder, is hosting another game and I am going to take home the prize AGAIN. Round 2 I will be a winner!

Click here to join me and the game! It starts tomorrow, February 1st, and the pot is already over $3,000.


Ok, quick update on my cycling class . This time I was able to do the jumps! Lowering the handlebars was key to getting the bike to not wildly move around like I’m having a seizure. However, my booty was soooorreeee this time around. I didn’t have a pad on my seat this time and it was rough. You would think with that extra junk in the trunk that it would be a little more comfy, but nope. Not the case. Next time I need to remember to lower the handlebars AND get a gel seat. There was no butt rubbing on my face, no slipping in sweat, and I was an absolute disgusting sweaty beast at the end.  I was actually really excited for the class and I’m looking forward to next week already! Woot!

See ya tomorrow with my January Favorites! Let me know if you end up joining Roni’s DietBet too. I can cheer you on in the community!

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