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WIAW with what I Like

Posted Jul 31 2013 5:46am
It has seemed I have managed to slow down to one post per week despite the summer season usually seeing a rise in blogger’s posting. I suppose the summer isn’t really the summer when you are consumed with work and entirely exhausted at the thought of putting more words on a screen.

Beyond that, I have found myself at a block: a writer’s block. Since I can’t seem to manage sharing deep and dark secrets anything personal I get stuck when it comes to writing about something other than food.

So I ask myself: Sarah, What is it you do when you are not eating/working/cooking/exercise? Write about that!

And myself says back: Alrighty then, while I am eating this delicious snack I am on my way to a dance class. I like dancing.


Corn Puffs with chocolate peanut butter and strawberries And while I am eating this delicious snack I am on my way to a book club. I like reading.


Chocolate greek yogurt with seeds And while I am eating this delicious meal I am learning new french words. I like learning.


Beans and sauce with turnip and ketchup And while I am eating this delicious snack I am creating 3D art. I like graphics.

IMG-20130701-00272 (1)

Protein bread with cream cheese and strawberries and peanut butter 7

My ground hog made using a tutorial. I need to work on the lighting (and a lot more), but hey we all start somewhere.


What do you do when you have a writers block? What hobbies do you have? Which snack looks the most intriguing to you?

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