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WIAW: Warm the Soul

Posted Mar 26 2014 8:32am

Happy What I Ate Wednesday! Hopefully your neck of the woods is a lot warmer than mine is right now- we’re sitting at 15 degrees with about 2 inches of fresh snow on the ground.  It’s lovely for just a few days away from April (?!).

Anyway, if I can’t warm up my body let’s talk about something that warms my soul instead- FOOD.  Yesterday morning I woke up with a pep in my step because I got to eat my leftover steak from the night before with some eggs, avocado and cherry tomatoes for breakfast.  I meannnnnnn PERFECTION. unnamed-3

I worked the morning away and broke for a lunch that I packed the night before: leftover salad with 2 seed dressing, sauerkraut, acorn squash and some salmon patties.  Then I doused in hot sauce (the usual condiment).  T’was delicious. So glad I prepped those salmon patties and baked the acorn squash on Sunday- they are a lifesaver during the week.

unnamed-2 For an afternoon snack I had a hunk of dark chocolate with a handful of (unpictured) almonds and my usual cup of raspberry tea (again….to warm me from the inside out).

unnamed-1 Right as I was wrapping work up the snowstorm started and kind of put in one of those “do I want to go to the gym or wrap myself up in a blanket instead?”, but luckily my hubby convinced me to brave the weather and we went to our favorite cardio class.  It consisted of a “dirty mile” around the small indoor track of:

-running the sides of the track

-lunges, squats, bear crawls and hip thrusters on the corners

-then followed by some abs

-afterwards another cardio blast of: 15 burpees, 15 pushups, 15 jacks then 10 of each then 5 of each

-AND THEN 2 minutes of pure cardio (high kicks, back kicks, burpees, air squats).

It was redonk.  Glad I went though, I always feel so good when I’m done with it.  It pays to have a hub who will convince you to go when you don’t want to- and vice versa.  So I’m pretty sure that my new favorite larabar I ate pre-workout gave me the energy I needed to get through that crazy class.

unnamed How am I just discovering this flavor?? OBSESSED. Am going to try and recreate at home soon because my bank account will thank me.

After our workout the hub offered to make dinner (I wasn’t going to oppose!) and instead of making what I had planned , he went with something quick and easy: jalapeno chicken sausages mixed with acorn squash, topped with a fried egg, tomatoes and avocado. Before he served it he declared this dish a “douse in hot sauce kind of meal”.  And that’s why we’re married.



Followed dinner with a cup of my usual night tea and that’s all she wrote!

Have a great hump-day and stay warm, wherever you are :)

xoxo Alisha

What do you eat for breakfast as an occasional “treat”?  STEAK & EGGS

Do you know where spring is?  Sent it my way, please.  Kthanks



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