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WIAW (Meals That Didn’t Make The Blog)

Posted Mar 13 2013 9:51pm

Since I started blogging a few months ago, I’ve fallen into the habit of snapping a picture of pretty much everything I eat.  I feel like I need to “just in case” I want to blog about it.  Needless to say, there are quite a few golden plates that haven’t had their chance to shine yet.

So with this week’s What I Ate Wednesday post, I’ll be showcasing some oldies (but goodies)!  It’s good to mix up things up a little on the blog, eh?


Way back in the fall, I made a stuffed sausage and oats acorn squash with some cayenne shredded brussels sprouts.  This meal couldn’t have been anymore seasonal if I tried! IMG_0613

I experimented with savory oats and made a bacon, avocado and tomato oat bowl topped with a runny egg.  Still haven’t perfected the recipe to share with you all yet, but it’s quite delicious.  I was craving a BLT like crazy one day, and this bowl was able to satisfy that crazy craving.  With some pickled jalapenos- you should know how routine this is to add to everything I eat by now! :) IMG_1405

We don’t eat a lot of shrimp, so it’s pretty special when we cave and buy the expensive little shrimpies.  It was the hubby’s turn to pick up the groceries the week we ate this and when he came home with the seafood, I dove right into making some pasta.  I didn’t really know where I was going with it as I was making it, but it ended up being a goat cheese, pomegranate and shrimp whole wheat linguine dish.  And now I’m craving shrimp!  IMG_0664

Ground turkey stuffed sweet potatoes and a simple spinach salad with blue cheese.  Simple and delicious! IMG_1240

Grapefruit chicken breast with roasted cauliflower and a ginger peanut sauce.  I believe I found the chicken recipe from Iowa Girl Eats. IMG_0874

Overnight “cookie” (from the fitnessista) topped with toasted coconut and kiwi.  The presentation of the kiwi made this 10x more fun to eat.  I typically have a little more pep in my step when I wake up with breakfast already made and waiting in the fridge for me to eat, and when it’s all pretty looking it’s even better.   IMG_1866

I must have eaten this in early December- the green table runner is giving it away!  I bring the green runner out for the christmas decor every year.  And I say early December because I was still eating brussels sprouts!  I only buy them fresh from the market and it must have still been in season in order for me to purchase them.  Roasted with salt and pepper (simple is best) and creamy black bean soup.  With whole wheat toast and smothered in crushed red pepper flakes- of course! IMG_0973

For a late night snack one night, I topped a piece of homemade naan bread with protein “frosting” (protein powder a little bit of milk) and dark chocolate chips to satisfy that late night chocolate craving. IMG_1601

Killerrrrr blackened salmon over brown rice and smothered in goat cheese sauce with roasted broccoli.  I think I have a thing for goat cheese. Can’t stop, won’t stop! IMG_1798

For a snack I sometimes like to spread some hummus on a piece of toast and top a runny egg over it.  Super simple, quick and seriously so good.  Just look at the yolk run down the side.  All that’s needed know is some slow, corny background music.   IMG_1759 And if you’re still reading with me, bless you!  I can almost taste all of the food in these pictures and it’s making me veryyyyy hungry.  Time to raid the kitchen!

Question: What’s your favorite food season?  Mine is a toss up between summer and fall.  I can’t get enough of fresh tomatoes in a sandwich but then I’m totally ready for slow cooked squash and brussels sprouts in the fall.  Then again  I realllyyyy like lemons and asparagus in the Spring.  Alright, I can’t choose one!  Can you?

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