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WIAW: Grill Marks

Posted May 29 2013 9:40pm

Summer is here, summer is here, summer is here! Because summer (un)officially starts right after Memorial Day weekend, right?  Letsbehonest, we all define summer as starting on Memorial Day and ending on Labor Day.  Yeahhhh, you know it’s true!


T’was a delicious day of eating, now that I look at all of my meals in one place. I consciously tried to eat as many veggies as I could today- still recouping from the weekend….I need all the vitamins I can get!

 I munched on half a banana with a smear of pb and a sprinkle of cinnamon before I got my heart-a-pumping with a morning workout.


I woke up a tad too late to make it to the gym, but didn’t want to let that stop me from getting one in before work.  I have such better/productive days when I can squeeze in a morning workout.  So I ended up doing Fitnessista’s rainy day workout (I used 15 lb dumbells) and subbed the squat jumps for a 4 minute tabata routine.  I only made it through the entire thing twice…..partly because of time but partly because I was sweating like a beast/dying.  Must have been all those IPA’s over the weekend ;)

IMG_3068  I scrambled 2 enormous mushrooms with a couple handfuls of spinach + 2 egg whites 1 egg and served it over 2 ww toasted bread.  Plus pippin’ hot coffee and half a grapefruit! I think iced coffee every morning is just around the corner for me, but not quite yet.  It needs to be ungodly hot first thing in the morning for me to crave iced coffee right off the bat!

IMG_3071 Leftovers for lunch!! I made the best lentil and eggplant curry with brown rice/barley last night and made sure to double the recipe so the hub and I could both eat it for lunch today.  Trust me when I say you will want this recipe ….it’s off the hook! Keep your eye out for when it makes the bloggie.

IMG_3073 Post work snack needed to be fast and furious to tame my growly stomach, so I ate some Puffins cinnamon cereal over greek yogurt with a few chia seeds on top.  Greek yogurt is the perfect combo of creamy and tangy….and mixed with cinnamon anything = heaven in my mouth.  I also munched on a few unpictured pepperjack cheese slices with crackers.  They just happened to find their way to mouth…I have no idea how.


Okay, I know that I’m getting a little obsessed with our grill.  It’s just so easy to prepare a meal, less dishes….and straight up delish! It’s hard to say no to my little girl on the deck.  I sliced an eggplant and 1 zuchinni, charred those babies up with a couple of chicken breasts basted in buffalo sauce.  Served over some lettuce and another drizzle of my beloved buffalo. Aren’t those grill marks just beautiful?

We’ve been so lucky with all of the gorgeous weather as of late.  It’s at that perfect spot where it’s not too chilly and not too humid/grossly hot out.  High 70s/low 80s and zero wind…..*sigh*.  Perfection.  I love how a great weather day can put me in such a good mood.  It’s like, I don’t even mind washing the dishes when I can have the deck door and windows open.  Who am I?!

With that…I’d better go eat my words and wash those dishes.


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