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WIAW: Glo Getter

Posted Jul 18 2012 3:08am

I’d just like to say a big thank you for all your comments on my ‘Evolution of my diet’ post it has been really interesting reading all of your individual stories and I am utterly honoured that so many of you have found my journey inspirational and helpful for you in your own situations. You all reminded me exactly why and write this blog and why I’m pursuing a career in healthy living – to make a difference and inspire and empower others, thank you! :-)

Peas and Crayons

Of course today is time for WIAW! These are my eats and goings on from Monday. I would usually have gone to the gym on a Monday morning but I had an early team meeting and I have a few late night meetings this week, so my usual schedule was all over the place. Instead I enjoyed a relaxed morning getting ready and a lovely breakfast. I had some warm water with lemon juice while I had a shower then made a green smoothie. Again, I was about to put some fruit into the smoothie but it was just so delicious on its own I had it separately:

Photo 16-07-2012 06 48 35

For the smoothie I just blended up spinach, chocolate sun warrior, water, ice and stevia . I had some beautiful sweet pineapple and delicious blackberries on the side. I also had a tbsp of bee pollen :

Photo 16-07-2012 07 02 42

I saw the bee pollen in the cupboard and just really fancied some straight up! While I was eating that I brewed some coffee and added vanilla stevia and a cube of full fat coconut milk for extra healthy fats and flavour:

Photo 16-07-2012 07 01 17

So good, although it might have been better blended up more. I have plans for experimenting with a vegan bulletproof coffee – watch this space!

The sun was actually shining for a change so I decided to dress quite light, OOTD:

Photo 16-07-2012 07 29 12

Photo 16-07-2012 07 28 41

Wrap around scarf: Topshop, striped vest: French Connection, long cardigan: Zara, bag: Accessorize, black slim leg trousers: Gap, gold sandals: Next

After our team meeting I was getting hungry so snacked on a couple of chopped carrots with hummus:

Photo 16-07-2012 10 34 25

I got another pot for 50p at Tesco, bargain!

For lunch I had a bowl of my Raw Thai Carrot soup accompanied by some of my home made raw flax and juice pulp crackers that I’d made in the dehydrator at the weekend:

Photo 16-07-2012 12 00 28

Still so good, the coconut butter in this just makes it so creamy!

Mid afternoon I snacked on a pink lady apple and a gingerbread nakd bar:

Photo 16-07-2012 14 59 56

Those bars are fantastic, I love the gingerbread flavour :-)

On the way home I called into Aldi for some cheap fruit and veg:

Photo 16-07-2012 16 21 49

Pretty much the usual stuff for me right now – cucumbers, carrots, peppers, sweet potatoes, avocado, broccoli and sugar snap peas. Got a grocery shopping and staple ingredients post coming up for you tomorrow!

As I was saying, this weeks schedule is all over the place so I didn’t do the usual Monday morning gym workout, instead I wanted to do just what I felt like and what I felt like was yoga!


I had came across Yogaglo a while ago and decided to sign up for their free 15 day trial. The way the videos are set out is that it is an actual taught class with other people filmed, so you feel like you are taking part. There seems to be hundreds of classes available of all different styles, levels and lengths of time. I opted to do a 60 minute, level 2, Constant Vinyasa Flow:


I didn’t do the minimal headstands ;-) It was fantastic! I’ve done podcasts, DVD’s and YouTube videos but this was by far my favourite and so much more like a true class experience. I got a good sweat on – I certainly found my glo! After that I spent 5 minutes practicing my plough pose. Once the 15 day trial it is up it is $18 a month membership. I have to admit I’m tempted but I already spend money on my hot yoga classes twice a month. I think I’m going to have to weigh up the benefits!

For dinner I made up a big Buddha Bowl . I had steamed greens with shoyu topped with brown rice, black beans, red onion and coriander plus half an avocado:

Photo 16-07-2012 18 06 47

I love avocado in meals like this it just really adds so much flavour. After I’d done the dishes I had a couple of pieces of home made raw salted almond and raisin chocolate bark:

Photo 16-07-2012 18 48 56

There are no words for how good this is! Very glad that I’ve just received a fresh block of cacao butter so I can make some more!

Monday also signalled the start of my IIN course. The first module was released so I spent some time listening to the sound bites and watching the videos. Later I went and made the usual evening smoothie bowl:

Photo 16-07-2012 19 52 32

Mixed frozen berries, 1/4 cup of peanut flour , ice, water and stevia – extra smooth courtesy of the Vitamix :-)

I spent the rest of the evening relaxing with a herbal chai tea, I even tried a 10 minute ‘before bed’ meditation from Yogaglo too!

A lovely day indeed with delicious food! Enjoying lots of fats at the moment: full fat coconut milk in my coffee, hummus, coconut butter in the soup, avocado and raw cacao butter – I definitely feel better for it. I’m also looking forward to experimenting with more classes from Yogaglo before my free trial runs out. As I’ve said before I don’t think there’s any substitute for an actual class but Yogaglo comes very close!

Have you tried anything similar to Yogaglo before? What’s your current favourite fat?

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