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WIAW: Beta Carotene Edition

Posted Jan 23 2013 8:30pm

Hi friends :)  It’s that time of the week again!

wiawphotobutton A day where we peek and stalk  bloggers to see what they ate for the day.  Why is it so interesting to see what one has eaten on Wednesdays?  I don’t have all the answers, but I admit I am guilty as charged ;) Onward!

I woke up to a beautiful 1 degree this morning (like the rest of the midwest) and had to bribe myself with a big bowl of hot oatmeal to drag my butt out of bed.  I felt like Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes (remember these comics?  I used to love it!) tumblr_mgixmywpW41qcz1h3o1_1280


 It worked.  I made my standard banana whipped oats with chia seeds and topped it with a crumbled mini ww banana muffin and almond butter.  I can’t get enough grapefruit lately, so I had half on the side.  And, all together now: black coffee.


Snack was a sweet potato with a laughing cow swiss cheese wedge.

IMG_1421 I had some leftover crockpot kidney beans and decided to make a quesadilla/taco thing? with them + adobe sauce and mozzarella cheese on corn tortillas for lunch.


Topped with salsa, yogurt and a side of lettuce.

(Insert unpictured peppermint tea here)

But the real beauty of the day was dinner. It somehow surpassed breakfast?!  It. was. AWESOME. IMG_1431

Spicy curried carrot soup with homemade whole wheat naan.  Ooohhhhh yeaaahhhh.  The cilantro was key in the soup.   The naan was so yummy for dunking into the soup.  Don’t be fooled, I had what you see x 2 ;) With the two bowls of carrot soup plus a sweet potato, I’ve definitely had my fair share of beta carotene today, eh?! I’d say so ;)

Something about starting and ending my day with a hot bowl of food is so comforting that it almost makes me forget that I’m living in north pole weather.  Almost!

I’m camped out on the couch watching American Idol right now, thinking about what to have for a snack attack before I hit the sack here soon.  Probably some sort of protein muffin?  I’m starting to lose feeling in my toes so a mint tea is in order, too.

What is the weather like in your neck of the woods?

Are you a soup “dunker”?



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