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WIAW-After Hi-ate-us

Posted May 01 2013 12:00am

Sorry for that awful pun. I swear, I only just thought of it. And once I had the thought well, it came out my fingers.


Thanks to Jenn for taking back someone who posted every week religiously for years and all of a sudden went cold tofurky.

So we’ve already gone over where I’ve been   but what have I been eating? I already made that awful joke, I might as well make up for it.

**WARNING- this post has no focus. You’d think that now that I’ve been graduated  from college for a few months I could write something with organization? I’m taking a break.

Gingerbread waffles. Love in carb form. ((side of yogurt, of course))

So it’s obvious that I love breakfast. It’s really the meal for which I make the most effort. I should change that. I could have readers who think breakfast is boring and hate seeing bowl after bowl after plate after cup of breakfast ingestion. Buttttt judging by the blogs I read, you all love breakfast as much as I do :)

There. appretiser.

sautéing some onions and garlic.

Oh, and by the way, that turned into this.

chutney. Apples+pears+raisins+onions+something else?

Went to DC and saw Julia Child’s kitchen! (Interesting factoid: Julia Child went to Smith, just like me!)

Check out all her old/newfashioned gadgets!

and I saw a Stevia plant in the botanical gardens there! They had a really interesting section that was focused just on medicinal/edible plants!

hardly what we buy, now is it?

Back to the breakfast. I swear, I AM trying to get a breakfast focus going on here.

purple sweet potato, yogurt with pumpkin seeds and flax seeds, soy nut butter, almond butter.

Seriously, how is that sweet potato so purple?! I have figured out that I like them purple or white more than orange, and I like yams better than sweet potatoes? Or maybe I’ve got it all wrong. All I know is that there is a ‘Hannah yam’ that has my name all over it (pun intended) (not pictured above) Also that I’m going to be living in Asia next year  and they’re really big on their sweet taters and squashies. Is Kabocha not an asian type of squash? SO excited.

Please join me in geeking out over squash. It’s all good.

Also good is this:

6 egg whites, 1 tbsp flax, 1 tbsp pumpkin seeds, 1 tbsp cocoa powder, stevia to taste.

this is delicious. With nut butter. Because let’s be honest, what do I eat that doesn’t go with nut butter? EVER?

I especially love roasting cashews in my toaster oven and putting them in the wrong jar as nut butter.


Truth is, I can’t bear to recycle that jar, since it reminds me of London. Good thing it is glass and therefore dishwasher safe!


I’ve been loving on pancakes lately. I’ve had a few mishaps with the gluten free lifestyle my Naturopath prescribed for me, but I’ll get to that in another post. Let’s just say I didn’t know Barley flour wasn’t gluten free.

On a huge strawberry kick of late

Mom hates me for this, but we’ll go to Fresh Market and buy three cartons on sale. I’ll take them home and hide them in the basement fridge behind bags of lettuce. Secret secret.

I think these were sweet potato.


This green smoothie would look so good if it weren’t so out of focus. I’m not good with a camera yet and also am unsure whether mine really even does good close ups. Which is a shame, since I like close ups. Especially of green smoothies.

I have no idea what was in this. I do know there was spinach in there. and probably honeydew?



These were inspired by Heather. She makes the most enviable pancakes. If you haven’t checked out her blog you really should. Although I can’t imagine you haven’t.

Chocolate mint green pancakes.


Return of the egg omelette breakfast sweet thing? The only good thing that has come out of my Dad having had surgery and only being able to eat egg custard is that I get LOTS of egg whites!

same as before only without the cocoa.


OH and here’s a dinner picture.

tofu noodles + cheeze sauce (sweet potato, nooch, a bit of real cheese mixed in, actually, since I like it, probably goat’s cheese, since I”m obsessed), cauliflower

and I made these black bean brownie donuts. More on that soon!

More recipes up soon. Tales of my new ways of eating and some things. Check my aforementioned blog for updates on preparation for my departure for Taiwa n!

Love, Hannah



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