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Why women should eat superfoods

Posted by Nancy B.

If you’re wondering what superfoods are especially good for women’s health, I recommend you read an article I saw online at Today’s Dietician about five food groups that are powerhouses for women. Victoria Shanta-Reteln a nurse and dietitian Northwestern Memorial Wellness Institute in Chicago explains what properties in papaya, fish, dark chocolate, flaxseed and whole grains are beneficial and what researchers say about them. I thought I’d get a green light on eating chocolate when I first found the article, but alas, it doesn’t take of the really good stuff to get what you need. Read the article at

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I want more fish in my diet, but I haven't a clue on buying fish and cooking it. I need to cross that line and figure out a successful way to buy the right fish and cook it correctly. Any suggestions on buying fish and cooking it is great!
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