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Why Weight A Guide to Ending Compulsive Eating

Posted Dec 06 2010 1:51pm

Why Weight A Guide to Ending Compulsive Eating

After Feeding the Hungry Heart and Breaking Free from Compulsive Eating, Roth offers a workbook that will enable readers to explore for themselves the issues that lead to compulsive eating.

5 Stars why weight?
i had a problem with this purchase. i contacted the seller, who immediately rectified the problem in a timely and professional fashion. this company has good business acumen. i will certainly do business with them again.

5 Stars Emotional eating
Love this book. Geneen hits you right where you live. She gets to the root of the problem with her direct, no nonsense writing. She is compassionate and down to earth. This is a invaluable tool in the war on eating compulsion.

5 Stars Fantastic workbook for compulsive eaters and folks with major weight issues
I won’t lie to you, I used to be in great shape, but I had some emotionally difficult years and managed to pack on about sixty pounds. Yes, they call it “emotional eating.” And here I thought I was just stuffing my face, because I fattened up like a prize heifer at the state fair, and since my “bulking up” stage I’ve only managed to drop about ten pounds. Recently I’ve realized that dieting had nothing to do with me being in great shape before I got all husky, so I’ve been trying to figure out what my real issues are. And whoa, self discovery can be a one way ticket onto the crazy bus, let me tell you. A girl wants to be able to understand why she would sit down and eat two original chicken sandwiches (with cheese) from burger king and then chase that with fries and a whopper jr… but these are tricky tricky questions, people. Sometimes a gal needs a little direction from an outsider I guess. Lo and behold, that’s where this workbook comes in!!

This workbook is massively useful, and I have already recommended it to a couple of people I know with compulsive eating issues. If you want to get to the core of your weight issues I suggest purchasing a copy of this book. If you prefer to yo-yo diet and spend time at home alone with Ben and Jerry on the sly, then perhaps this book isn’t for you. What Geneen Roth offers in this book are 87 exercises that will help you rethink who you are, what you are all about, and why you feel the need to keep yourself stuffed like a Thanksgiving turkey. And don’t worry, these are writing exercises so you can stay plopped in a chair the whole time.

I’m not even halfway through the book, and I am experiencing major life changes. This book WILL help you deal with issues that you might not want to deal with. You know, the kinds of issues that you try to avoid dealing with by overeating.

My only other advice to those considering the purchase of this book is that since it is mostly a workbook you might want to consider pairing it up with another one of Roth’s books. I liked “When You Eat At The Refrigerator, Pull Up A Chair.” I happen to be completing the workbook while reading “Half-Assed A Weight Loss Memoir” by Jennette Fulda. The combination is pretty satisfying for me. If you are a younger person, or are very crafty and creative, I would also recommend “Our Lady Of Weight Loss” and “All Is Forgiven Move On” by Janice Taylor.

As you may have noticed, I have been doing a lot of “weight loss self help reading” in the last couple of weeks.

5 Stars This is the book to get
I’m an emotional eater, and I got onto Amazon looking for a good book to help me through it. Luckily, something by Geneen Roth caught my eye and in the reading samples, I saw that she is amazingly insightful and compassionate. After evaluating several of her titles, I decided I wanted an action-oriented book so chose this workbook.

I’m really glad about that decision. The chapters are filled with insight and exercises that help you untangle your emotions that lie behind the emotional eating. The chapters are long and the exercises, numerous. This is good, because you don’t want a rehashed lecture in quickie trade paperback form. You want a workbook that helps you *work through*.

One other note: You need to be able to write when you do these exercises. So either get the hard copy book or get ready to do a lot of journalling if you use your Kindle (which is what I’m doing). With the Kindle version, obviously you can’t directly reproduce charts, but you find the exercise questions and directions are clear enough that you don’t lean on the graphic versions.

Real life example of this book at work: Yesterday I had a horrible day and because I read this book, I consciously decided to make spaghetti carbonara – my favorite dish – instead of bingeing on cookies. Then I sat down to consciously eat each bite – and it was hard to do that! I really wanted to distract myself with reading and zone out. But while closing my eyes, I could really experience the food and actually felt pretty satisfied halfway through the bowl. So after filling my senses with what I was doing, instead of using food as a vehicle for numbing out, I didn’t need more and I didn’t feel like bingeing. This book made that happen and I think it will continue having that kind of positive effect.

4 Stars eye opener
As I read though this book I had a light blub moment and for that one large moment I gave this book a 4 star because that changed the way I look at why I eat. I hope you have your light blub moment.

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