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Why Pilates Is Difficult

Posted Jun 19 2009 9:39pm
At first I thought Pilates wasn’t very difficult due to the number of reps that was recommended.  HOWEVER, Pilates was founded on the principle of control.  Which in Pilates words “ contrology begins with mind control over the body.”  This is one reason why Pilates did not recommend executing a high number of repetitions of each exercise.  The idea of few repetitions with high level on control and concentration provides the best training and results.  Pilates writes, “Concentrate on the correct movements each time you exercise, lest you do them improperly and thus lose all the vital benefits of their value.  When you correctly execute these exercises as second nature or as a subconscious reaction, then these exercises will reflect grace and balance in all your daily routines.

Let’s face it when doing Pilates correctly it is dang hard!!!!

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