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Why is green tea the way to go for a healthy diet?

Posted by Shez B.

All tea, including green, black and oolong come from the same plant. However, green tea, unlike the others is unfermented so the active health giving ingredients remain unaltered. The other teas, which go through a fermentation process, still contain some of the healthy properties, but appear to be more muted.

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Green tea is part of a healthy diet because it has numerous good health benefits. It's good for the heart because it plays a role in regulating normal cholesterol and glucose levels.  It's got immune boosting properties! Every time you drink Green tea it's like a mouthwash because it's a Green tea is also an anti-bacterial agent. Green tea is a thermogenic agent helping the body to burn calories more quickly so you can lose weight faster! Many people don't like the taste of Green tea, but pure Green tea concentrate, like Green Tea Plus, work just as well.

Green tea is an excellent zero-calorie beverage.  It is being investigated as an cancer preventive supplement, but so far without merit.  In fact, green tea supplement blocks the activity of certain prostate cancer drugs (Velcade). But studies demonstrate that green tea is healthy for your teeth and gums, may improve bone health and reduce stroke risk.  THe thermogenic effect of green tea is negligeable, so it won't help you burn calories.

White tea, however, has been investigated as possible anti-fat compound.  White tea, made from the buds and first leaves of same plant as green tea, is less processed and contains more active ingredients (caffeine, EGCG).   Research in the lab showed that white tea slows the growth of new fat cells and help the existing fat cells break down the fat they contain.

Bottom line? Instead of a soda, a beer or a Martini, make yourself a nice cup of tea: green, white or black.  It's a healthy thing. 

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