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Why I'm cutting out the sugar.

Posted Nov 01 2011 2:35am 2 Comments

I've decided to take part in Sarah Wilson's Quit Sugar program. I don't normally agree with diets that cut out a whole chunk of your diet, but after watching Robert H. Lustig's "Sugar: The Bitter Truth" and reading through Sarah's fabulous e-book, plus what I've read and learned about biochemistry in the last few weeks, fructose is something we really need to get better of control over.

The reason I agree with this sugar-free theory is because it doesn't ask you to cut out any of our macronutrients, which are carbohydrates, proteins and fats (apart from the removal of fruit in the initial first couple of weeks in Sarah's e-book - just to break the sugary habit), only the processed foods which we consume like crazy because they're so "convenient" but are absolutely chock-a-block full of sugar! We consume so much sugar everyday and we're not even aware that we're doing it because it's cleverly disguised as "low-fat" or "healthy" and sometimes not disguised at all - we're just addicted to the stuff!

I went to the supermarket on the weekend to get some groceries for the week and I decided to play a little game of Shopping Trolly Sticky-Beak and it is truly scary when you look at what people are buying and thinking of how much sugar is being consumed! Muesli bars, cereals, sauces, breads, yoghurts, juices, pre-marinaded meats, soft-drinks, ice cream... When people have more brightly coloured cardboard boxes and plastic tubs in their trolley than fresh ingredients you just know that a large percentage of what is being consumed is sugar. I walked down whole aisles in which most of the products had sugar as an ingredient.

It all makes sense. The body cannot store excess sugar, so it is turned into fat. So many people say "I'm eating low fat, I'm not eating any carbs, what's going on?" (Myself included). What is it being replaced with? Sugar.

Lustig's lecture is super long and the biochemistry section might be a little hard to swallow if you've never studied that sort of thing, but it is well worth the watch - he's pretty clear when it comes to the important messages.

So after Bikram yoga on Sunday I endeavored to make myself a healthy, sugar-free breakfast. Here's what I came up with:

Sourdough toast with ABC spread,
yoghurt and coconut.


1 piece of wholemeal artisan sourdough bread with organic butter and ABC Spread (Almond, Brazil Nut and Cashew Spread)
Natural yoghurt and mix in some organic shredded coconut (make sure it doesn't have sugar added)
I also added some slivered almonds to the yoghurt, but it may have been a bit too much nut-ness.
It is so yummy and satisfying - great for a morning where you feel like a treat, but don't want the sugar.

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That looks absolutely delicious. I haven't had sourdough bread is so long. It's soooooo good. 
Thanks Jeff, it is pretty addictive. :) I'm going to work out some more breakfast recipes this weekend, because I feel like I've over indulged on this one all week. Haha!
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