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Why Eating High-Raw is a Spiritual Journey

Posted Mar 28 2012 10:03pm

I’ve thought about this a lot.  Why do I feel more connected to God when I eat a high-raw food diet?  Why do I have a sense of   spiritual strength that I don’t have when I’m eating mostly cooked foods?  Let me just say right off the bat that I don’t believe in anything but “Christ and Him crucified” for salvation.   We can’t add anything to His gift.  We can’t earn His favor, and we can’t be “good enough”.  I know it’s by His grace and His mercy that we’re made right with God through Christ and His sacrifice on the cross.

But when I started my food journey through my association with Hallelujah Acres, and I started putting raw, living juices and foods into my body, something definitely started happening in my spirit.  I wasn’t attracted to this lifestyle because of any physical illness, other than I was overweight, but I was drawn to it because I was battling depression and I had read many testimonies from Hallelujah Acres about people who had healed themselves of emotional challenges through adopting a high-raw food diet. I was so intrigued because I really didn’t want to take anti-depressants unless absolutely necessary so this idea that I could change my diet to heal my depression was very appealing to me. 

I started noticing a difference not only in my emotions, but I found myself being more and more drawn to prayer and meditation. I also started sensing God’s presence in a much more powerful way. But because of food addictions and bondage to emotional eating, living a high-raw food lifestyle was an “on again off again” lifestyle for me for many years.  I think that’s one reason I can speak to this as someone who has proven this theory over and over again. 

Every time I would find myself in an eating binge and living off of donuts and dead, processed food, “normal” food for most people, I felt myself moving further and further away from my relationship with the Lord.  When I picked myself up and tried again, I was aware of that same sense of “soaring with the eagles” that I had every time I changed my diet to high-raw.  I knew the Bible was very plain about “by works of the law shall no man be justified” so I struggled with why I always felt so much more connected to God when eating high-raw.  Here is what I believe are the reasons:

1)     In a physical sense – You’re Leaving Out the Toxins and Putting in food fresh from the garden, closest to the way God made it.  Processed foods are dead and are full of chemicals and toxins, and that wreaks havoc on your physical body.  When you shift into high-raw, you’re putting pure, natural foods – foods the way God made them, into your body.  Those foods feed you at a cellular level and they feed life to you.  That’s why you’ll see 70 and 80 year old raw foodies (my affectionate term for those who eat high-raw or all-raw diets!) who look like they’re 50.  They’ve been putting food into their bodies that it was designed to eat so their aging process looks entirely different from the “normal” diseased and tired bodies you see with people who had eaten the standard American diet their whole lives.  Obviously there are other reasons people age gracefully, but eating a high-raw food diet is definitely a habit that will help keep you young.  People who eat high-raw have more energy because their bodies aren’t filled with the dead, processed foods that most people eat so their system isn’t bogged down with trying to process things it was never meant to have to process.  In simple terms:  God’s food, God’s way = Connection!

2)    Emotionally – life begets life!  Whatever your beliefs are around how animals are treated in the factory farms, there’s no denying that as animals are being slaughtered, the stress hormones in their bodies are releasing due to fear.  The conditions they have lived in before being slaughtered are horrific, and we take that same energy Butterfly Lifeinto our emotions when we participate in that process.  The energy that is around organic farming is entirely different.  Yes, animal farmers still kill the animals for food, but they’ve been raised in nature, with grass and room to run with the sun shining on them and the farmers take great care to give their animals the best life possible until they’re to be killed.  I’m not promoting eating meat at all, that’s an individual decision that each of us must make.  But what I am saying is that if you’re going to eat meat, just remember that you’re taking the whole experience of that animal into your body and emotions, and make your decision based on that knowledge.

It’s the same principle with the toxins and chemicals in processed foods – you’re taking those things into your body and emotions when you eat them so naturally they’re going to have an impact on how you feel emotionally.  You can’t have your body be a toxic dump station and expect your emotions to be high – it just doesn’t work that way.  Living foods create life-giving emotions!

3)    Spiritually – You’re honoring your temple in a powerful way when you eat high-raw.  You’re “presenting your body a living sacrifice” by understanding God’s ways of health and incorporating those into your daily life.  You’re also living a “fasted lifestyle” because you’re not living like most people live.  You’re taking your life to a whole new level when you eat high-raw, and that brings a greater sense of purpose, of vision, and connection to God than you would otherwise have if you were “conforming to the world” in your eating habits.  Not only that, but something that is rarely mentioned inside of churches is food idolatry.  This is a tough one because comfort eating and food addictions are so accepted in the Church as a whole.  But it’s a truth you may need to face.  Any idol in your life, including a food idol, will hinder your relationship with God.  When you’re eating high-raw, you’re not using food to numb you down to emotions you don’t want to deal with or to comfort you about situations you don’t want to face head on.  And if you’re wondering if food is an idol in your life, just try a 12 or 24 hour fast and you’ll see if food has a stronger hold on you than it should.

Why did God give us greens, seeds, fruits?  Was it so we could then turn them into something that doesn’t even closely resemble it’s originate state?  Or did He give us those things in Genesis 1:29 because those are the foods that best nourish us in spirit, soul, and body?  “Food” for thought!

About Ginny Edwards  ( 4 Posts )

Ginny Edwards is the founder and CEO of Ginny Edwards International , a coaching company dedicated to helping women transform their bodies and their health with the power of raw food. Ginny has been a professional life coach to Christian women for over nine years. Her passion for helping others live lives of excellence with the primary goal of bringing glory to God is inspiring women around the globe to pursue their own high calling which includes radiating health and life to all they encounter.

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