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Why do we let Food Manufacturers Dictate to us?

Posted Nov 16 2009 12:00am

NB - I'm not sure if this was the restaurant of the hotel or just one situated underneath it? I will update as soon as I know.

What I was eating:

M: An unusual dish comprised of seafood and shellfish with sauerkraut and what tasted like a lobster bisque as a sauce??
D: Classic Crème Brulee (eh bien, when en France...)

 I loved the fact that on entering this restaurant there was what looked like a small kiosk where a fishmonger was preparing fresh fish and seafood – along with an open water tank where presumably fresh (alive) fish and crustaceans were kept (weren't any swimming about though!).

The service was lovely – very friendly – although helped by our hosts knowing one of the waiters.

Our hosts ordered a speciality of the restaurant – a gigantic platter of mixed pork products – various types of sausages, roast pork slices, ham hocks etc. served on an alpine-proportioned mountain of sauekraut!

It looked amazing – but my dish was more to my taste – it included salmon, a white fish, mussels, prawns. The prawns were most definitely fresh – firm and still with that sexy, meaty crunch to them. I love crustaceous finger food – its so satisfying to break into when its good. Messy yes – but thats half the fun!!

The combination with the sauerkraut and the sauce was amazingly good - it took me by surprise!

But the crème brulee – ah non, non, non. What a shame – slightly overcooked and therefore grainy (like scrambled egg) and not the smooth orgasmic experience it could have been. So a surprise, but not in such a good way.

I'd recommend that if you're ever in Lyon then you could do worse than try this restaurant – go if only to marvel at - a. how much pork one person can be served in one dish b. how French food can appear very Germanic...

MY RATING (if dessert perhaps had been different then 8.5/10, mais pour moi 7/10.

Chantal D-H xxx

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