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Why do I crave sugar and carbs?

Posted by Living-Learning-Eating

All I seem to want these days is sugar and carbs - and I'm always hungry! Why? It's not that I eat low fat (I've also been eating nuts like crazy, multiple servings per day) and protein, too (nuts and *tons* of dairy). Any ideas? I'm just curious!
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Without knowing all the details of your diet it's hard to make a recommendation, although I find sugar to be very addictive and for me, the more I eat it, the more I want it, it's only when I completely cut it out that the craving stops.

Being hungry all the time might be because you are not eating enough total calories. It's good that you're eating nuts and plenty of protein as these can help curb hunger. I would question yourself as to the nature of your hunger, whether it's true physical hunger, with your stomach growling, or if it's an emotional type of hunger. 

I totally agree with Keli that the more sugar I eat, the more I crave it.  Getting obvious sugar out of the house is a good start.  Begin by eliminating cookies, snacks, and other junk foods that have sugar in the ingredients.

Another tip is to use concentrated whole foods.  They supply complex carbs that your body needs.  In fact, your diet should contain at least 50% carbs, and those should be complex, not simple carbs.  Search online for concentrated whole foods as they supply good complex carbs and have been helpful for people battling cravings.

Also, liquid stevia is a zero calorie natural flavor enhancer that acts as a great replacement for sugar because it is hundreds of times sweeter than sugar yet doesn't interfere with normal bllod sugar levels.


I eat a lot of calories. :P I don't think I'm emotioinal, though, I'm just actually hungry....?
Agreed. The more sugar you eat the more you crave - however it often goes deeper than that. My suggestion is the following make sure each meal has clean protein (like a chicken breast or lean cut of beef or fish) and a healthy fat. The protein will keep your blood sugar balanced and your engines fed while the fat will satiate you. With most of my clients if they are die hard carb eaters - I totally recommend going off any type of processed carb for 30 days and instead eating whole foods like vegetables as carbs instead. Good choices are brocolli, cauliflower, salads, avocado, sweet potato, to name a few. The protein is key with making yourself feel and stay full while the healthy fats in nuts and or things like avocado and olive oil will allow you to feel satiety whlle you try to rid yourself of the current carb additiction. In health, Amanda
Thanks for the answers, guys! I don't like that 'uggggghhhhhhhh' feeling after a sugar crash. 
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