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why do i crave bakery goods? sometimes I will randomly get into my car and drive to the local bakery and purchase at least 4 dif

Posted Feb 17 2010 7:16am

Binge eating disorder is defined as, “frequently consuming large amounts of food while feeling a lack of control over the eating.” Some diagnostic criteria are: eating a larger than normal amount of food in a short time period, eating until uncomfortably full, eating large amounts of food when not physically hungry, eating much more rapidly than normal, feeling disgusted/guilty after eating, etc.

I’m not a mental health professional, so I can’t diagnose you by any means, but what you’re describing seems like it could fall on the binge eating spectrum. I would really encourage you to seek professional help!

Outside of the psychology of it, I genuinely believe that sugar/carbs are physically addicting for many people. I know for me, the more sugary carbs I eat, the more sugary carbs I want. It’s a very dangerous cycle. Lately, I’ve been making an even bigger effort to eliminate sugar almost completely from my life (except where it occurs naturally, like in fruit). And guess what? I don’t crave it nearly as much!

Some people have absolutely no problem with sugar and can eat it in small quantities every day. But that just might not be something you can do healthfully! Taking a walk, calling a friend, relaxing in the bath, or engaging in other distracting/comforting activities might be good substitutions in the mean time.

But again, I highly, highly recommend that you reach out to a mental health professional or eating disorder specialist if you can.

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