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Why Apple Cider Vinegar? Plus an Energizing Drink and Cultured Veggies

Posted Jun 10 2011 7:11am

Inevitably, once a week or so, someone tells me that either they or someone they know ingests apple cider vinegar (ACV) everyday for the health benefits. But when asked what those benefits are, most people can’t really remember—they just know it’s good!

First, it’s important that we’re all on the same page—ACV for health purposes is the raw and unprocessed variety, and has the “mother” (gunky stuff) floating in the bottom. It’s harmless—but you also don’t need to drink that part (I don’t–unless it sneaks its way in my mouth). Bragg is the brand I use–it’s the most readily available.

Note: I realize how wonderful balsamic vinegar tastes, but it is acid forming in the body. In other words, it has the opposite effect as ACV and should be used in moderation. Also, regular pasteurized vinegar will not yield the results of the unpasteurized unprocessed version.

What Is ACV?

ACV is apple juice that has first been fermented to hard cider, and then fermented a second time to vinegar. The end result has super duper healthy acids and enzymes.

What are the benefits?

Weight loss—this mechanism is not completely understood, but it has been shown to work

Increased energy level

More alkaline pH

Decreased blood pressure

Decreased cholesterol

Lower blood sugar

Skin health (diluted 1:3 with water and used externally)


How do you use ACV?

If you remember, ACV is also a key ingredient in my gunk magnet facial !

1 tbsp in 16oz water  (you can add more if you like it) and drink it!

-and my favorite-


Tea/ACV Drink

12oz tea (I use chilled jiaogulan tea, but if you don’t want or like tea just use water)
1-2 tbsp ACV
1/4 – 1/3 tsp ground cinnamon
20 drops of liquid stevia (I use NuNaturals)

*you could also use honey or another source of sugar, but I’ve found stevia is awesome in this and it will be good for candida and other people trying to cut sugar intake



Put the lid on your jar (I've used old kombucha or iced tea bottles too), and shake it. It will take a little while for everything to mix together

I’m missing this drink right now, while I’m in Bethesda for a conference. I didn’t realize how “addicted” I had gotten in just a few weeks!  I’ve been brewing my tea at night and then when it has chilled by morning, I concoct my ACV Tea and sip throughout the morning.  Let me know if you try it!

Last night started a new session for my online Vitamins, Herbs, and Supplements class, and I’m always so excited to get started with a new crew. It did prevent me from going out in DC last night, but I made it to Trader Joes, so all is good in the world :)

Other random updates:

A client is cultivating a baby SCOBY for me, so I’ll have a new batch of kombucha soon, and I’ve got a lot of experimenting going on with cultured veggies and drinks. They’re kind of ugly, but oh-so-delicious!  I’m planning on doing a series of sugar-free gut-friendly posts.


Last week's batch - I have a recipe to share to make it and one for what to do with the end product. Ever buy sauerkraut? You can make 5 times more for 1/5 the price!

Since I didn't close the lid tight enough on one jar (apparently), it fizzed out and sprayed all over the pantry...Joe kept asking me what smelled in there, and I finally discovered purple splatters all over everything...lesson learned!

Also…I have a bunch of awesome business events coming up—smoothie workshops, a menopause workshop, and I’m going to be the yoga model in a photo shoot (I’m a little nervous about that one!).

Do you eat cultured veggies?

How was your week?  Do you have any go-to drinks that you miss if you don’t have?  I’m going to try and take more pics today—yesterday’s lunch at the Food as Medicine conference was made by the awesome chef (and cookbook author) Rebecca Katz, and it was amazing! Today I’ll take pics…probably.

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