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Why Am I addicted to Junk Food?

Posted by Ben S.

A couple other names for junk food are fast food and cheap food. I think a better name for junk food is ?efficient food.? As it's inexpensive, fast, and easily consumed in any situation?it's no wonder parents raise their children on it. We all remember the post game McDonald's or Friday night's movie and pizza. But now, all of a sudden, I've hit an age when calories don't burn as fast and health is a much larger issue. I need to switch all of my eating habits, and this, to say the least, is difficult. Can you blame me for being addicted to this unhealthy lifestyle? Can you blame anyone for it? Unhealthy eating is hard?even impossible?to evade as it penetrates our lives from the school cafeteria to the microwavable dinner. When I think of snacks, I think potato chips, candy bar, and/or bagel bites. In college nobody can afford the organic, non-fat, or healthy. Instead, we buy the Costco sized fat, sometimes fast food, and, of course, pizza. ?Addiction- broadly: persistent compulsive use of a substance known by the user to be harmful.? If you would tell me that obesity isn?t a direct consequence of addiction to junk food I would be astonished by your idiocy. These efficient foods allow us to take preparing and eating meals for granted. People can conveniently forget that these efficient ?meals? are mostly void of nutrition and laden with fat. Feeding and eating are now chores that are easily accomplished with a quick trip to a mini mart or Dominos. This is evident from commercials such as KFC's, which epitomize the ideal that all parents need to do is bring home a big bucket of greasy fried chicken and everybody's satisfied as they thoughtlessly wolf down the junk food. Maybe the time-saving quality of efficient food is too valuable to dispute. After all, in our society ?time is money.? What then can we change to make society, and myself, less addicted to ?efficient food??
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It's not the food. You bring up an excellent point, and one that I think is rarely's not about the food, per se, but about the association we make with it. Potato chips and pizza are the snack foods of boisterous, social college kids and fried chicken makes the family happy...these ideas aren't necessarily true, but they are certainly universal images that we all have. It's the same as: bad day: pint of Ben and Jerry's, or take-out, greasy chinese food. Somehow these things have been labeled "comfort foods", when in reality, they are just the opposite...they are likely to make us feel worse--bloated, sugar imbalances, etc. So, to answer your question: "why am I addicted to junk food?", ask your self "what am I seeking when I reach for that?" What are you REALLY addicted to? Comraderie? A good time? Those are great, but the food doesn't give them. Find another way to achieve what you are really "addicted" to.
Addiction!. We use the word addiction so much now day's. Everything we enjoy and do consistently we say that we're addicted to. I definitely feel that I eat way to much junk food, and with your definition of junk food I'm addicted to it. But, I know I can stop, I just need a way to find foods that I like that are fast and easy to eat. Because this addiction is, like you implied, an addiction to efficiency! Another Good Post, you're on a roll.
Addicted to Lard. Look, I think it's totally possible to be addicted to junk. I went through a very nasty time with Cheetos. Although I do think it's true that we associate the food with something, I also think it's true there are a lot of chemicals in junk food that can get your body some sort of a feeling that can be addictive. Wean off, man. Give up one thing at a time and go cold turkey. The Cheetos were hard to let go but now when I think of them I want to puke.
Junk Food "substitutes". I've been stuck in the same dilemma too for quite a while. What I've found has worked is "substituting" healthier food for the junk food you crave, with things that taste similar. True, in most cases you'll have to prepare it yourself, but I've found the perfect foods to cure some of my biggest cravings in a short amount of time. For example, I love cheeseburger. To lessen the fat and calorie intake and still get the great taste, I love to eat veggie cheeseburgers by Boca Burger. Plus, a lot of restaurants serve veggie burgers as well. If I really need some chocolate, I'll make some fat free/sugar free pudding-easy to find in your grocery store.
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