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Who Said You Must Compromise Fashion For Comfort?

Posted Dec 18 2013 10:03pm

Fashion over comfort is something that many women will choose, however that is no longer necessary. A fashion shoe line has been created that is not only fashionable but will also make you feel good. What do I mean by ‘feel good’? Sharon Whiteley a serial entrepreneur with a talent for recognizing emerging trends and a proven track record engaging consumers on an emotional and actionable level has created a fashion shoe line called Pluggz  that make your ‘feel good’.

What makes these shoes different from any other on the market is that they contain an exclusive black plug made from a custom carbon and rubber compound that is embedded in each of their shoes. This plug is located on the area where the ball of your foot fits into the shoe. When I first read this, I thought – ‘Sure, what is a little black plug going to do for me?‘ Well, as soon as I tried on the shoes and walked in them, within a few minutes I felt a tingling under the balls of my feet. Now, it is understood that many will not feel such tingling but they are still working. Many have reported that after wearing Pluggz shoes, they feel more energized, balanced and do not feel discomfort on the balls of their feet as they had previously.

The concept behind this little black plug is to make you feel as if you were walking barefoot. This grounding technology allows for the free flow of electrons from the earth into your body. Again, after reading about ‘electrons’ and ‘grounding’ effects of these shoes, I had to put them to the test.

What better place to test the technology that these shoes claim to have but in a place where lots of walking is required. So, I wore the shoes ( loafers ) sent to me to the most wonderful place on earth – Walt Disney World. I was prepared to do a lot of walking and brought another pair of comfy shoes just in case. I must admit that these shoes are very comfortable and I truly didn’t need to bring my other pair of shoes. Not only was I more energized, but my feet did not hurt at all. Okay, well the energy may have been from the cotton candy I managed to devour but I must admit, my feet did not hurt at all! So, did these Pluggz shoes do the trick? Absolutely!

Being the shoe fashionista that I consider myself, I can honestly say that these shoes were not just simply fashionable but were also comfortable. Many kudos to Sharon Whiteley for creating this wonderful line of ‘healthy’ shoes. But Sharon is no stranger to the entrepreneur world. Sharon’s work has garnered her many awards, including the regional Entrepreneur of the Year Award sponsored by Ernst and Young in the Wholesale/Retail category, The Creative Imagination Award from Champion Paper and the SBA’s Women’s Entrepreneur of the Year Award. She has been recognized as one of Fast Company’s Fast 50 Favorites and received a distinguished merit award by the Society for Social Communications Research, for championing early social media initiatives. A sought-after public speaker, Sharon has been a guest lecturer at Harvard Business School, Columbia University, Babson College, Boston University, Stanford Business School, and other institutions, along with industry forums. She is a co-author of The Old Girls’ Network: Insider Advice for Women Building Businesses in a Man’s World.

I enjoy featureing products on this site that enhance your health and are created by powerful women. However, Sharon is not the only one if her family that is innovative, her twin sister Sheila Shechtman who is the CEO of American Gourmet Group, the parent to Hebert Candies and her niece Rachel Shectman are pretty impressive as well. These women exemplify the wonderful generation of successful women and how with a bit of motivation, drive and empowerment, anything is possible.

Be sure to check out the Pluggz shoes and learn more about their technology at:

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. A pair of Pluggz shoes was provided in order to share this review. All opinions shared above are my own.

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