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Whistle While You Work

Posted Apr 03 2013 4:48am
Now that the update on food habits is out of the way, why not focus on an update on the actual edibles? Which just happens to perfectly coincide (okay, it was planned) with WIAW.

It has been a while since I have participated in a WIAW, so I was a little rusty on taking photos of everything I ate in one day. As such I have amalgamated photos from a few days to show some typical meals.

First up: Pancakes
Pancakes have quickly become one of my favorite meals ever since learning how to make them. From sweet to savory , I have attempted it all. The golden orange dollars below are topped with melted butter. Recipe to come!

An old school favourite: Alligator stews
I don’t have Alligator stews (a.k.a. green monsters, green smoothies, the-smoothie-with-the-most-made-up-names) near as often as I used to; however I still enjoy a good swampy stew every so often. This one us a ‘peanut butter and jelly flavored’ alligator stew made using peanut flour, and strawberry protein powder as the add-ins.

I like to whistle while I work…or shall I say ‘I like to be entertained while I eat’! Hence the ‘clutter’ all around my bowl!

A saving something soggy recipe: protein cauliflower casserole.
I set the steamer before I leave for work, and by the time I get home I have beautifully steamed vegetables just waiting for me. Unfortunately that isn’t always the case because if I get delayed getting home from work the veggies overcook and simply become something too soggy to swallow. Sometimes (if I am not too hungry to eat off my arm) I get creative, mash it up, add some ingredients, and microwave to create something edible. Fortunately this creation was not only edible, but also surprisingly delicious.

Similar to this recipe – except this time I used cauliflower Back full circle with: pancakes.
This time savory corn cakes made with corn meal, protein powder, and egg whites. I love these with salsa and sour cream.


How do you entertain yourself while you are eating? Which do you prefer as a topping for pancakes: butter or syrup?

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