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Which nutrition/energy bars are the healthiest in terms of nutrition and calories?

Posted by Paula G.

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Luna Bars. I love Luna bars. They are only about 170 10 190 calories per bar...are very satisfying cause they taste so good, and are full of good nutrients and protein. I like the Chai Tea one myself. Although Oatmeal Raisin is a close second.
Homemade. Homemade energy bars are quick and easy to make and you know everything that is going into them! Here is a great recipe from Whole Foods: There are also a few cook books out there specifically for energy/health bars. Here is another link:
No sugar or preservatives. So many energy bars contain ingredients such as sugar and preservatives that will steal your energy rather than increase it. Make sure that your chosen bar contains simple, wholesome ingredients.
Supergreens. There is a fantastic energy bar called supergreens. It is not only sugar free and healthy, but it also contains loads of super green foods like broccoli and sea greens. It tastes great for kids too!
Kashi Bars . I'm hooked on Kashi bars. I don't eat them everyday but if I have a candy bar craving I grab one of their Cherry Dark Chocolate bars. They only have 120 calories, 2g fat and 4g fiber. Best of all I can pronounce all the ingredients. I love them!
Premium Protein. I have tried a lot of bars and Premium Protein, which is available at Costco for $22.00 for 24 bars (two boxes) is a deal for me. 31g of protein low sugar and vitamins and minerals.
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