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Which is more unhealthy, Coffee or an Energy Drink??

Posted by Ben S.

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I'm a fan of coffee. I've got to say right off the bat, I am completely, 100% biased. I am completely a fan of coffee and love the fact that there are supposed anti-oxidant properties that come with a cup of joe. But despite that, I have to say that I've never been a fan of the Energy Drink. The thing is, the Energy Drink typically tastes like Mountain Dew (your first clue that something is amiss), second, the energy drink typically contains enough chemicals to start a chem fire if you were to light a match (do not try at home). Everyone loves to say that Red Bull has a derivative from bulls balls (an adrenal thing, I believe) and all I have to say is, ick. That can't be safe. But hey, all the celebs are drinking them so they must be, right? Coffee is natural. It grows in the ground and you run water through it and drink it. Boom. Easy, clean, done.
Energy drinks can be dangerous. An energy drink has from 14-21 teaspoon of sugar and as much as four times the caffiene as coffee. Some of them are loaded with B vitamins and taurine. The thing about energy drinks is that younger people are drinking several at a time. Chicago Poison Control reported that in three years they have seen 265 cases of caffiene overdose in people under 21 years old. The excessive amounts of caffiene, sugar and vitamin B can cause heart palpitations and tingling in the extremeties. I don't know about you but I've never had that problem with coffee. To learn more about it you can paste this link to your browser.
Depends on the energy drink.... There are several very healthful varieties of energy drinks sold at health food stores, or in the health food section of regular markets. These drinks rely on a combo of vitamins, minerals and plant extracts known to give an energy boost without using caffeine. These types of drinks are better for you than coffee. But if you're going to drink regular energy drinks chock full of caffeine and sugar--pick your poison!
When to drink each..... When you're being active, i.e. playing a sport, running, biking, coffee isn't a good choice. I love coffee as much as the next person, and it's a great pick me up, so I drink it when I find myself dragging in the morning-and have seen in some cases that I've had more energy to workout afterwards. In the heat of exercise or playing sports, most energy drinks can provide electrolytes, which need to be replenished as you sweat. It can help prevent dehydration, and in some cases is even better than water. If you're workout's not too intense, water should suffice.
coffee unhealthy?. Well coffee dehidrates and energy drinks hydrate, so it really depends on what aspect of each drink you are looking at. I doubt there are many benefits health-wise with coffee (although I love it and doubt I will ever give it up). Energy drinks"count" as fluids in your body and are therefore "better" than coffee, but you are probably also drinking much more sugar than you should or would have if you had just had a cup of coffee. The best thing is probably to give them both up and just drink tea or water :). Also, as someone here has said before "if you can't pronounce it, don't ingest it".
Hey Everyone!!. Hi all of you who answered this question. I actually am an employee at wellsphere, and love each of your answers. We liked them so much that we decided to make this question a featured question to show articles and such. The only thing is I elaborated on the question and would love it if each of you would answer it again in more detail, or actually just re-write your answers at this location.
Both, water is better. I personally think nothing can beat plain water..... u can also add the fizz to it by flavoring it with fresh juice and fruits like oranges, lemons, strawberry and kiwis ...... and ice it to beat the summer heat. Coffee I have read is good in moderation, though I have read it is better black (without sugar and milk), filtered and organic. Coffe is an absolute no no for pregnant women.
It depends. It depends on what type of energy drink. How much sugar, colorings and chemicals are added to the energy drink? If coffee is organic, it will still deplete the body but at least it doesn't have loads of chemicals. Best to drink organic green tea which will give you a kick without the side effects.
Coffee is a nice drink to socialize over or for reading the Sunday paper, but I find it upsets my stomach if I am trying to get energy for a task or workout. Energy drinks are just synthetic sugar-water that drain your wallet. I like the spot-on energy patch ( instead of either of these-- the caffeine is slowly released into your system, so it is a lower dose and you don't crash. 

Coffee does have some beneficial characteristics that can actually contribute to a healthy lifestyle.  Energy drinks, on the other hand, have nothing about them that would contribute to fitness. 

First, energy drinks are usually loaded with dangerous amounts of caffeine, much more than a cup of coffee.  Second, the chemicals, preservatives, sweeteners and isolated vitamins only serve to tear the body down, not build it up. 

The worst part about energy drinks is the acid.  Granted, coffee is very acidic, but nothing like energy drinks.  To learn more about the dangers of energy drinks, and understand the opposite need for alkaline drinks and alkaline foods, read this article:

Why Natural Health Drinks Are Better Than Energy Drinks and Sodas

or take the Alkaline Foods Test

Both Coffee &  Energy drinks are safe if it contains natural fresh ingredients..I have heard a lot at having excess coffee creates health problem on other hand if are fill with lots of preservatives its may also harm u.
The advantages of coffee is that you know what you're getting, coffee and water with perhaps some miilk or half and half and maybe some sugar. With an energy driink you arel likely to consume many other less natural ingredients and some of which can be overstimulating and often unhealthy. For some people the caffeine in coffee (and energy drinks) can be unhealthy since different people metabolize it at different rates. If you find that it makes you jittery, nervous or shakey, then you are definitely better off without. Others don't find this effect at all and this is because some people have a gene they are born with that enables them to metabolize caffeine faster than others. If you are a this type of person then it's likely that caffeine is not harmful, if you find your morning coffee keeps you awake at night, then stay away!
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