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Whether It is Nobler for a Vitamin to be Natural or Synthetic

Posted by Kenna M.

We all know the importance of taking our vitamins. But, which vitamins are best for us in the long haul of health and fitness? Learning to read vitamin labels helps you determine what kind of vitamin is nobler for you. NATURAL - Means vitamins found in natural foods not tampered with in any way - this means the only substance removed is fiber and moisture. All labels indicate the exact food source. For example, vitamin C derives from citrus fruit concentrate. CRYSTALLINE - Means vitamins started as a natural food but treated with various high-powered chemicals, solvents, heat and distillations reduce it down to one specific pure crystalline vitamin or amino acid and hence are no longer natural. SYNTHETIC - Means in a laboratory a scientist reconstructed the exact structure of the crystalline molecule by chemically combining the same molecules from other known sources than natural food. Chemically there is no difference between the Synthetic and the Crystalline. On the label for either Synthetic or Crystalline vitamin only the chemical name of the single vitamin is usually given. Legally it is not necessary to give the source of the synthetic chemical. For example, synthetic vitamin C chemically produced as ascorbic acid from fermented corn. But, the issue is would you rather take vitamins from a natural source that the body can readily assimilate or one chemically produced without natural components.
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