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When Snobbery Is A Good Thing + Day 5 Juice Feasting

Posted Dec 05 2011 8:22am

snob2 thumb When Snobbery Is A Good Thing + Day 5 Juice Feasting

New to this space and wondering what all this “juice feasting” is about and why I am doing it? Read about it here .

Few people like to be exposed to snobbery as it can create a sense of exclusion or hierarchy. Side note: that’s only if you buy into this limiting belief yourself and own it, which you never have to. However there is a form of snobbery that is very valuable and can be welcomed wholeheartedly – the snobbery of your body.

As you continue to clean up your diet and lifestyle and intelligently cleanse and nourish your body, it will become far more sensitive and attuned to what doesn’t support it. This sensitivity, which often in our society is viewed as a weakness, is actually a great strength.

When you have a clean celled, well functioning body, it will tell you very clearly what foods, drinks, environments, chemicals or practices it does and doesn’t like. The idea is of course to listen to these clear messages and honour them so you can enjoy a healthy, happy body.

When your body has huge amounts of accumulated toxic waste stored in its tissues and cells, these messages are not so clear. They are still there but you will not be in touch enough with your body and the pathways clear enough to be clearly alerted when things are not ideal.

Signals can come in the form of symptoms like fatigue, headaches, bloating, gas, itching, acne, constipation, diarrhea (or both), stomach pain and much worse. You may even just get a sense that a food is not ideal for you when you touch it or think about it…this happens once you are really tuned in to your body physically and energetically.

Everything is made of energy so the energy of a food for example can help tell you if it will be good for your body. This is the concept behind practices like muscle testing, kinesiology, energetic testing and more.

Today I got the sense that a food I thought I wanted with was not ideal for me, but I didn’t listen. The reason I didn’t listen was because I ate it no more than two weeks ago and it felt good to me.

As part of juice fasting or feasting, there are some solid foods that can be helpful to consume. Things like algae, bee pollen and some wholefood supplements. These are by no means necessary but can provide a variety of macro and micro nutrients for your body as you cleanse.

Today I had 2 tablespoons of bee pollen, something I have enjoyed regularly before with no problem, and promptly after my mouth and the inside of my mouth on the left side swelled up. I broke out in a hives reaction down my left arm, from below the shoulder almost to my wrist.

bee pollen thumb When Snobbery Is A Good Thing + Day 5 Juice Feasting

This demonstrates what I already know to be true – that our bodies are constantly shifting and evolving and what might be good for it one day isn’t always the case the next day. This is why supporting the body to detoxify consistently is so important.

It also piqued my interest as to why it only showed up on the left hand side of my body. Our left brain is what we use for logic, to be practical, detailed and plan. The right brain is the centre for our feelings, beliefs and emotions. I found it very interesting that I had a sense that the bee pollen wasn’t a great choice for me and allowed myself to override this feeling with the logic that I had eaten it recently so it would be fine for me. Then  the symptoms appeared on the left side of my body, clearly showing me that my left brain was not the place to act from in this decision!

How amazing are our bodies?!

On another note, I’m also a juice snob. I always have been – this isn’t just a juice feasting phenomenon. I can’t stand pulpy juices…you know, when there are floating chunky bits all through that divine liquid. Not my scene. Especially when I’m aiming to activate my digestive system as little as possible.

I bought green juice out today and while it was a delicious flavour combination, the pulpy bits made me very happy to come home to my smooth, strained, home made juices. Nothing like it wlEmoticon smile3 When Snobbery Is A Good Thing + Day 5 Juice Feasting.

What I consumed today:

1L shop bought organic green juice – cucumber, spinach, kale, lime, apple (with too much pulp!)

2 tablespoons of bee pollen (won’t be doing this again anytime soon!)

1L Cinnamon Lime Green Juice

1 tablespoon of coconut butter with a pinch of cinnamon, carob and cacao (felt like some grounding fat. I prefer flax or hemp oil when juice feasting but this did the trick)

Herbal tea and water

Your Question: Do you make a conscious effort to tune into your body’s signals? If not, why not?! wlEmoticon smile3 When Snobbery Is A Good Thing + Day 5 Juice Feasting

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