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When "Take Your Daughter to Work Day" is Everyday (and Everynight)

Posted Sep 14 2009 9:00pm

When Take Your "Daughter to Work Day" is Everyday (and Everynight)!

A professor of mine said she doesn't mind making people uncomfortable. I agree this this often needs to be done so people will wake up. I don't mean to offend, just to educate. I guess that is my job as an Asian American Scholar :)

So, here goes. Look down, are you wearing Nike products? If so, are you okay with the fact that they were likely made by children, likely made under harsh and exploitative conditions, likely made by people who were locked into a factory for over 70 hours per week. If you are Asian American and reading this and wearing Nike, does it really not matter to you what is happening to Asians in other parts of the world (and in our own backyard). Why is NIKE so defensive about people customizing their shoes with the word "sweatshop" on them?

What to do? Well to start, the easiest thing to do is just stop buying Nike products, you can also cover up the swoosh or cut it off, you can tell others what you know about the company, write letters, and basically just spread the word that just because Tiger Woods wears Nike (a horrible supporter since he is Thai American and wearing shoes likely made by other Thai kids) you don't have to.

If child abuse, human rights violations, insanely low pay (ex: $1.37 per day in China), doesn't move you, than just know that soon, it will be so uncool to wear Nike that you will feel just as uncomfortable as someone who recently bought an SUV, doesn't recycle, or voted for George W. Bush.
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