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What to Buy Organic

Posted by C.L. R.

In the news today, they had a list of the five fruits and veggies that were most contaminated with pesticides. Peaches ranked number one, followed by apples, peppers, celery and nectarines. Ughh. Just thinking about this made me want to throw up. I wasn't surprised to hear it about the apples. We all know that nasty waxy coating that sits on so many apples. Even as you wash it, you can see that it's not coming off. I think that's why peeling apples became so popular. But the others surprised me. Peaches? Really? They seemed so soft and cuddly. I also read an article citing what foods should be bought organic and where it was unnecessary. THIS article said that you're more protected if you're eating fruit or vegetables with a thick skin, because any poisons or spray were less likely to break through the peel and affect the product - avocado, banana, etc. How do you decide what to purchase organic?
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