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What's your eating schedule?

Posted by Mary Ann P.

Some people skip breakfast, some eat one meal a day, others have six small meals. I always have three meals and two snacks a day. What's your eating schedule like and how do you think it affects your health? For example does it cause blood sugar or weight issues?
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good and bad. When I am eating well and keeping an eye on my eating schedule, it basically follows my son's. Snack around 9 a.m. (my dietitian approved it), breakfast at 10, lunch around 11:30/noon, snack around 3 p.m., supper at 6 p.m., one night time snack. Drinks when desired. When I stick to this, I either maintain or lose, depending on my exercise schedule. When I'm not being careful and snacking in between meals, I gain weight.
Three meals a day, small snacks in between. My meals are basically moderate portions, although I'll eat slightly more at dinner. I did do the six small meals each day thing for a while once, and that was fantastic! I lost weight, and was never hungry. It's a wonder I'm not doing it now....
Honestly.... I could eat better, I really could. I usually skip breakfast, but I always eat lunch and dinner, and these meals tend to be on the heavier side to make up for that lost one. I also try to snack in between. I find that having an abnormal eating schedule really can be damaging to how I feel (energy levels, etc.), but it hasn't taken its toll on my weight yet, as I've been the same weight for maybe the last six years or so.
Lots of little nutritious snacks in between meals.. I eat breakfast and dinner everday. Sometimes I have lunch as well. I generally have lots of healthy snack like fruit, nuts, superfoods, or whatever I can find in the house. I feel very health with this diet as opposed to eating massive great big meals with no snacks.
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