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what meat do you eat?

Posted by Cristina D.

I'm a semi-vegetarian which means I eat: poultry (generally chicken), fish, cheese, yogurt, milk, veggies, fruits and whole-wheat (plus cereals). I don't touch red meat b/c i just don't like it. I can't eat eggs either b/c i get a skin reaction from them...

So i'm asking you? are you vegan? vegetarian? semi-vegetarian? or do you eat all the meats in the world? why?!

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i eat hamburger -- but not most beef. poultry and fish, though those don't qualify as meats i don't think.
I don't enjoy the taste of meat, but I will eat small amounts of chicken. What do you do to insure you are getting enough protein?
I eat fresh fuits and veggies. Fish, some chicken and on a rare ocassion Mac or BK burger. Whole wheat - bread, cereals and pastas. Organic juices.
I try to only eat "happy" animals. Animals raised without hormones, free-range, organic, natural, etc. This meat is more expensive but more nutritious (when the animal was healthy, their meat is healthier. When they were being fed an appropriate diet, they develop properly and have the nutrients you expect to get from them when you eat them. Not to be gross or graphic...) so you need less of it. I like to add chicken and pork to things, but rarely eat a big chunk of meat.
I'm also a semi-vegetarian mself these days. In general, I stay away from red meat but I do eat fish, milk products, eggs and occasionally some poultry. I actually grew up completely vegetarian but didn't really have a balanced diet, which is why I turned to fish and eggs, etc., for the protein. I also like having variety in my meals, but honestly, the heavier red meats have never done it for me, and I tend to feel sick and bloated if I eat them.
I have tried a whole bunch of meats. I've even been the Judge at the International Roadkill Cookoff! That doesn't mean I like all of them. Plus, some things -- like partridge or rabbit can either be awful or tasty, depending on the skill of who is preparing them. I like prime rib the best of all! But when I am trying to keep my skin clear, I stick with fish.
This will sound strange, but I don't eat much meat and when I do, I mainlu eat beef. Partly this is because I like it best, but there are other reasons too. Beef is a good source of heme-iron, which may be better assimilated by some people than vegetable-source iron. The other reason is that it is actually more humanely raised in comparison with other farmed animals. Whenever possible, I try to buy organic, locally raised and butchered meat.
I am a near total vegetarian. Occasionally I eat fish, which I still don't necessarily believe in 100% because of the fishing industry and the fact that unclean waters make our fish really unhealthy. But at least I can catch a fish, but I could never kill an animal.

I'll eat any kind of meat that comes my way. I also try to eat organic when I can, although eating the leaner steaks took some real getting used to.

Also like others, red meat tends to be harder to digest, but oh man, do I enjoy a good steak.

Mostly, though, I eat chicken... lots and lots of chicken.

I eat all manner of beast, but only properly raised. My freezer is full of grass-fed beef and pork, pastured poultry, and wild seafood. I get everything but the seafood from local farmers through a food co-op here. I also eat pastured eggs from the same farmers and will start consuming raw milk here soon to see if I tolerate it well.

Just a minor quibble...if you eat poultry and fish, you're not a vegetarian at all. You're a picky omnivore. Not a big deal, but let's call a spade a spade.

Chicken, chicken, chicken. My daughter gets tired of it (even though when we go out, she orders chicken), so a few nights a week we have breakfast for dinner, or a meatless meal. Lots of times I will eat peanut butter to substitute meat. Just slap it on celery and you're good to go. We also eat a lot of tuna, but mainly for lunch. About once or twice a month I will eat red meat. I have to be careful with protein and iron, because I am anemic, but I also have high cholestoral, so I have to limit the red meat. I switched to organic eggs and cholestoral free butter, and have to watch my injestion of shrimp, which is one of my favorites.
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