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What kind of milk is healthiest?

Posted by Mary Ann P.

I'm always hearing conflicting reports about how healthy soy milk is. The same deal with regular milk. What's your take?
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Try almond milk. Too much soy can cause problems due to the phytoestrogens. I drink almond milk myself. I can't say I've done any research on it but almond is supposed to be good for your skin. I think it also tastes a little better than soy milk (though I usually get vanilla). As with anything, I think moderation is key, so as long as you are not eating soy-everything (soy burgers, soy cheese, soy crackers, soy cookies, etc.) then soy milk should be a fine alternative to milk.
Watch the Sugar and GMOs. True. There are all sorts of milks on the market today. Soy, almond, hemp, oat, hazelnut and so on. Each has a purpose and benefit to the body. I would watch out for sugar content and GMOs. Personally, I like the almond because it takes great. I only put it in my coffee. It comes unsweetened and is still delicious.
Quinoa Milk. I recently tried quinoa milk for the first time. It was really delicious. Quinoa has all the essential amino acids and protiens so you are really getting a lot of goodness when you drink it.
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