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What is the best way to roast peanuts

Posted by lalavender

how long and at what oven temperature to roast peanuts?
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First, make sure  your peanuts are organic.  This is crucial.  If they are not organic they are grown with high amounts of toxic pesticides and likely contaminated with a toxic fungus called a mycotoxin. 

Secondly, nuts are best for you if they are RAW.  Why?  Well, the delicate fatty acids in the nuts will go rancid under heat.  This makes them an unhealthy snack. Rancid fats are bad for you and really tough on your liver and they cause free radicals in your body.  The very things that causes disease.

So, if you WANT to roast your organic peanuts, it is important to "low roast" them.  That means to roast at a very LOW temperature. Just put them on a cookie sheet in an oven set at about 120 degrees.  Just leave them in for about 10-15 minutes.  This will warm them up, and give them the sense of being roasted.

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