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What is processed food and why you need to avoid it?

Posted by Swati S.

Processed foods are any food that is packaged or is commercially prepared – it is like the ready-to-cook meals we pick up from grocery shelves or the things available at fast food joints. During the ‘processing’, these foods lose much of their nutrients, like vitamins and minerals, along with fiber. What is worse, additives, preservatives and salt is added to these foods to enhance the taste and increase their shelf live. The easiest way to have a healthy diet is to make sure you eat food that is fresh and wholesome. Any food that is close to its natural form is always healthier than something that has been processed. For example, a baked potato may be good, but potato chips – not so much.

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Hi Swati,

Excellent point. Many Americans think that it is difficult t eat healthy meals. It is not.

Eating healthy is a matter of learning to make different choices. Like choosing an apple or a banana with your lunch instead of those chips. Drink water instead of soda pop. Choose a salad with vinaigrette instead of fries.

There are many easy, low cost ways to eat better. And you don't have to change your entire life overnight. Just pick one meal and make a few healthy substitutions. After a month, move to the next meal. Keep this up and before you know it, you have transformed your diet and improved your health.


CK Wilde



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