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What is Portion Control?

Posted Feb 11 2011 11:46pm


Photo by Mike Babcock

Portion control is basically monitoring the amount and types of food you eat, with the aim to maintain a healthy weight and support good health.

Though it sounds simple in nature, but exercising portion control in real life can be quite complex and confusing. It may seem like you can never get it “right”.

This is because there are no defined principles that you can follow to the letter. So sometimes it can feel like you’re exploring in the dark alone with no guidance at all.

But the truth is that there is no right or wrong approach to portion control. Everyone will have his /her own interpretation.

Here’s how I see portion control:

It is to share food with others and not hogging everything to myself.

It is to focus on the bite that I have in my mouth right now and not thinking about the next bite.

It is to appreciate food for its quality, not quantity.

It is to recognize that I don’t need to eat every last bit of food on my plate.

It is not eating food straight out of a bag.

It is not about eating as much as I can, but rather eating as much as I need to feel satisfied.

It is not meticulously limiting how much food I can have at one sitting, but rather listening to my body to see if I need more or less food to satisfy my hunger.

Ultimately, to me portion control is eating mindfully.

So now you tell me, what is portion control to you?

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