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What Is CoQ10 And Why Is It Good?

Posted Feb 21 2011 3:02pm
Coenzyme Q10 is also called CoQ10 or ubiquinone. It is usually described as being an anti-oxidant, which most people associate with correcting or preventing cellular damage, possibly preventing cancer to some degree, and generally beneficial to the immune system.

CoQ10 is involved with energy production in the body's cells, and I think that is why users of CoQ10 or ubiquinol (a concentrated form) express that they get less winded exercising, and living life in general. In the 1970's medical researchers related a CoQ10 deficiency to heart disease.

The biochemical activity of CoQ10 is too detailed to explain here. It has been related in medical studies, to helping cancer go into remission, or even disappear. Please note, this is while being administered along with medicinal cancer treatment, not instead of.

But CoQ10's support to the immune system is obviously noteworthy.

Taken in as a supplement in its ubiquinol form, it is eight times as effective.

You will also get it from eating grass-fed red meat.

It is probably a very under-rated nutritional supplement, given the occurrence of cancers and other immune system failures in our culture.

To increase the benefits of ubiquinol, Vitamin C and E, in their natural forms, have been added to create ACCEL.

Get your ACCEL today and reap the many health benefits.
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