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What is best for weight loss or just general health - Almond milk, soy milk, or skim milk?

Posted by Jessica H.

There are so many different answers to this question. I am curious what the Wellsphere community has to say on this topic.
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I'm not really in favor of drinking cow's milk and find that more and more people have some kind of milk allergy these days, including me.   I absolutely love almond milk personally.  It is extremely low in calories and rich in calcium and vitamin E.  I find it works very well in recipes that call for cow's milk, and it is just the best in smoothies! 

If I would have to rank them, I would put soy first, almond and lastly skim. If you are trying to lose weight, then losing extra fat is the issue. People forget that "how" they lose weight is an important factor. If you are walking or exercising you need extra protein. Soy milk supplies that, along with other important nutrients that you need to maintain an efficient metabolism. Almond milk may have less nutrition, but you can still drink it as an alternative. Drinking soy milk all the time can get old, so it's ok to change it up. Much like your exercise routine, variety is key to keeping you interested and motivated.

Now for the skim milk. The FDA might make alot of claims about how "nutritious" cow's milk is and that's fine, IF you want to consume alot of hormones and other antiobiotics that are given to the cow's during the milking process. For that reason alone, I tell people to avoid cow's milk. Cow's milk was meant for calves, not humans.
Drinking it occasionally is great, but don't build your diet around it. Also keep in mind, that cutting out all fats while your exercising is not a good idea. Your body needs approximately 8 tp 10% of your calorie intake to come from fat. The fats, carbohydrates and protein in your diet work together to ensure bone and muscle strength, while you lose the unwanted pounds. You might also want to remember that a small amount of weight gain is possible in the beginning, due to the fact that you will be rebuilding or creating new muscle. Muscle weighs more than fat, so don't be discouraged!!

If you made your own almond milk otherwise look for a low sugar hi protein option.

Soy does have a mild dampening effect on your thyroid so should be balanced with iodine rich seaweed  that has a stimulating effect

Great thanks for the input everyone!
I agree with Plantarian. Soy can damage your thyroid. Also, it is a highly genetically modified crop. So, if you do go the soy route, make sure the milk is NOT GMO. I recommend a mixture of hemp, almond, and rice milk for my clients, depending on their health. Mixing it up is best. Rice milk is higher in natural sugars than unsweetened almond milk, so I like to combine the two sometimes. Best of luck!
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