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What is a healthy substitute for sugar or brown sugar?

Posted by Jessica H.

A lot of the new recipes I have been trying lately call for brown sugar or sugar but I would rather not increase my sugar intake.
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I only recommend Sunrider Liquid Stevia.  it is so pure that it does not have a bad aftertaste like powdered stevias.  Also, this all natural product is made from the stevia plant, which is hundreds of times sweeter than sugar, yet it has no problematic side effects. In fact, stevia has been shown to help regulate blood sugar levels.  Yes, it is ok to cook with.
Honey is a good substitute. I use it in my tea, cornbread, etc. For healthier honey get the raw honey.

I'm going to chime in on this one as a true holistic nutritionist. Sugar is an anti-nutrient. It's not great at all. For baking look at options like dates, applesauce and raisins to sweeten things or as mentioned above stevia - a good option that won't hit your immunity. 

I would avoid man made sweetners at all cost because most have not been tested for their impact on health in the long or short term and have very questionable chemical ingredients.


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grated apple or carrot?

Maple syrup?


Dried fruit?


raw honey, raw maple syrup, blackstrap molasses, rapadura sugar, dried fruits

Any sweetener that's not refined is better than white sugar. Keep in mind that all sweeteners raise insulin levels, and no sugar of any kind is required by humans to exist.

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