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What is a good diet that will assure vegetarian of getting proper amino acids?

Posted by psingle

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Amino acids are in plant food especially vegetables and beans. So dark green leafy vegies are full of amino acids.  Basically if you consistantly eat a variety of foods grown from the ground you will get enough vs. eating the same darn thing all the time.

A diet that is provided with sufficient amounts of dark leafy greens is fine.  You can get all your protein from them.


I usually drink green smoothies to get an adequate amount daily.



No one fruit or vegetable contains all 9 but animals do.  This has led many to believe that vegetable protein is inadequate and animal protein is necessary for a healthy diet.  However, this is simply untrue because we now know that we don’t need to consume all the amino acids together or even on the same day, meaning that if we get a variety of greens and vegetables we do not have to consume animal protein.


However is animal protein better than vegetable protein?  Surely it would be easier just to eat animal because at least then you don’t have to worry about variety.  Yes, for efficiency animal protein is much more efficient, however efficiency doesn’t mean that it is the best choice.  T Colin Campbell explains this in The China Study as follows:


"The concept of quality really means the efficiency with which food proteins are used to promote growth. This would be well and good if the greatest efficiency equalled the greatest health, but it doesn't and that's why the terms efficiency and quality are misleading. In fact...there is a mountain of compelling research showing that "low-quality plant protein, which allows for slow but steady synthesis of new proteins, is the healthiest type of protein...Plant proteins may be lacking in one or more of the essential amino acids, as a group they do contain all of them."


On top of this, as mentioned before, when rats were fed over 10% protein with aflatoxin they developed cancer.  The protein they were fed was animal protein.  Campbell went on to test plant protein on rats in the same way and discovered that plant protein did not promote cancer like animal protein did.


So therefore it is important to get our protein from plants as opposed to animals if we want to maintain our health.


Animal is also much higher in fats, which can also cause a problem for our health (discussed later).


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