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What I’m Reading: Eat Stop Eat

Posted Sep 07 2008 2:01am

As part of my series on the Physiology of Fasting, I read Brad Pilon’s ebook Eat Stop Eat. It is an incredibly well-written and in-depth book. Scientific, yet easy to read. All-encompassing, yet short enough to get through in several hours.

The main premise of the book, if you didn’t gather from the title, is Intermittent Fasting. Brad’s main point comes out early with this sentence:

When I realized that almost all nutrition research was working under this completely backwards paradigm [of "what should I eat to lose weight?"]…

His point is that as long as you’re eating, you can’t be losing weight, a valid point. Brad goes on from this point to discuss fasting as a protocol for losing weight and being healthy. Brad discusses, much as I did in Part 1 of the Physiology of Fasting series, that the body is either “fed and storing calories” or “fasted and burning calories.” There isn’t really an in-between state.

Eat Stop Eat dispels the rumor that going without food for a few hours will cause your metabolism to slow down. It discusses exercising while fasting. Maintaining muscle mass while fasting. Hormonal changes and health benefits that I missed in my posts. And all of this is backed up by scientific studies, no less.

And for those wondering about exercising while fasted, check this out:

In other words, they found that a three-day fast had no negative effects on how strongly your muscles can contract, your ability to do short-term high intensity exercises, or your ability to exercise at moderate intensity for a long duration.

I also checked out the Advanced Package, which includes six audio files and a transcript. If you are content with just understanding that Intermittent Fasting does work, you’ve probably read all that you need to. If you want the basics of the science and the hows and whys, you should check out Eat Stop Eat. If you’re a real geek, like me, wanting to know every bit of science you can to understand what exactly your body is doing throughout the day, the Advanced Package is for you. It’s six audio files, about 15 minutes each, discussing various aspects of fat metabolism, insulin, muscle metabolism, body composition, etc.

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