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What I Learned From MY Children

Posted Feb 07 2010 9:39pm

Robert Hruzek at Middle Zone Musings has had the What I Learned From writing project going on for almost three years now. That’s pretty darn cool.

Recently he tweeted me and said he missed my participation.  Gosh – what a sweet thing to say.

The deadline is looming and I am trying to decide how to summarize my thoughts regarding this month’s topic:  What I Learned From Children.

MY children have taught me my strongest life lessons.

I am not the same person I was when I gave birth to my son.  By the time I had my daughter three years laterI had become yet something more.  My children are now young adults.  The way I can summarize this best is how profoundly I feel each time I see my son.  I think to myself wow – I like him.   I mean I like his company.  I love laughing with him.  I love talking to him. Listening to him.  I am always left with I LOVE who he is becoming. This reminds me over and over how evolving we all are.   My daughter is in her freshman year at college.  Our transition was a bit rocky.  Not awfuljust not what I expected.  It was actually a huge year of transitions for my family.  I feel this remarkable becoming with her too.  She’s blossoming beautifully before my very eyes.  I am completely enamored by it.

I have met many people in my life who are stuckwho are un-evolving.  ( is that a word? )

I remember deciding to become a mom.  I remember thinking to myself  I want to learn.  I remember thinking to myself they will teach me.  I wanted to become with thembe an example to thembe part of their growing – foster their confidence.  I wanted to fill their lives with adoration.

What my children have taught me most is that it’s remarkably rewarding to give and to love.

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