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What I Learned From 2009,

Posted Dec 21 2009 11:52pm

This post recaps 2009 for the WILF group writing project over at Robert Hruzek's Middle Zone Musings. 

I haven't been very active in this project lately. I apologize for that dear Robert. It's absolutely nothing against you.  Life for me, especially this past year, got rather wiggy.

In deciding which posts to share for this years Blogapalooza,  I had to say the monthly musings for Green Moms Carnival really struck a cord. I started writing with this group of gals a little over a year ago. What brought us together was a desire to advocate all types of greenness and to unite our voices. Together we've had quite the year!

This sassy group of woman is as eclectic as it gets. From all parts of the country. Different ages, life experiences, new moms, empty nesters, some aren't even moms!! However their call to influence and inspire has them all be a perfect fit for what we do. They are a spirited, passionate, funny as heck and a totally get it done crowd.  I am absolutely humbled by so many of them. In awe actually. I have learned SOOOO much from these ladies! 

Below is my recap:

January -
The Virgin Tweeter That Could When I first started writing my blog,  I must confess. I had never ever been to a blog. I had no idea what one was, what one looked like or how my concept fit into the big picture of the blogosphere. I just knew they drove search engine traffic somehow to my website and that I had something to say. How's that for a bloggy business plan?

February - I Believe .  I believe in you dear reader. Readership for a blogger is what fuels our writings and our messages.  Comments and customers remind us that what we do brings value.  It's meaning at a community level!

March - Spring Cleaning  My mother used mainstream cleaning products.  Oh the fumes of Mr.Clean, Pine Sol, and Bleach that permeated  the house.  That  toxic "clean" smell. 

April -
Toxic Kids  As a teenager I was diagnosed with topical formaldehyde poisoning after using a sun screen that had been from the season before. The preservatives used in this sunscreen had "pickled" me!  I have had to avoid the sun ever since. These toxic preservatives are in many baby personal care products.

The Plastics Project  I personally got creeped out by plastics 25 years ago. Not because of the phtlalates in them or the outgassing or the fact that they sit in our landfills forever. I got creeped out by plastics because I couldn't keep them clean.  Plastic containers seemed to take on the smell of whatever I put inside them.  Plastic bags seemed to degrade, or lose their value after time. I thought that was really gross.              

May -
Moms Know Best  Moms have a gut instinct that rules the universe. When we are new to motherhood, we have to learn to trust this gut feeling. This inner mama drive has us know when to hug, when to yell, when to scream and when to say exactly the right thing at the right time. It's pretty darn amazing.

This Mother Earth's green thumb is more a beautiful shade of brown. My outdoor gardens over the years have usually been meager attempts at live vegetation. Truth is I am lazy. I have in the past planted and then let nature do the rest. Meaning weed overgrowth or sun scorching. I feel terrible that this has been a reality for me but I thought I'd be truthful

June -
Eco Confessions In the positive way to go green mama category, I am using packing boxes that I have had since 1985. I kid you not, I am packing in boxes that I have had for 24 years!!
July - Why Food Matters
Please don't call me a geek, but I believe in the food guide pyramid.  I also believe in three square meals a day.  I believe in vegetables and fruits.  I believe in whole grains, meat and dairy.  I also believe in soy, seeds, legumes and eating raw. It's called variety and nature provides us with an abundance of it. I believe food is a gift of nature. I believe in clean food.  Simple food grown locally, without chemicals.  I believe in the seasons. Eating seasonally. I marvel at where food comes from. Seeds planted and nourished.  The sun, the sky, rain, winds and kumbaya. I know.  Kooky. Food. I believe in whole food goodness.

August -
Back To School From a parent perspective, when I think of college,  I think of parties, germs - especially in those dorm showers, poor quality eating - can you say iceberg lettuce? Not to mention the likelihood of weight gain,stress and illness. With parents often miles away - what can we do?

September - Conserving Energy. Mine 
The beauty of working from home is that my work day can look anyway that I want it to.  I have been able to design business practices that work simply and predictably. I think that that working smart model conserves ones energies -- namely MINE.

October - Green Standards And The Consumer  I'm all about going green. The greed of selling green is showing up everywhere. Very often it's not green at all. The standards are confusing. Often there are no standards. Organic vegetables wrapped in plastic ?? Does that make any sense??

November - Saving Money With Green Means Female purchasing power totally rocks! As a matter of fact one statistic cited that 98% of purchases are made with the female influence.  I have heard quite a few folks say that they think our non-toxic biodegradable cleaning products are expensive. I often think to myself compared to what?  

December - Leaving Less Of A Footprint 
Imagine yourself in the woods, surrounded by silence, sprinkled with light as it peeks through the trees.  The hush envelops you, and you are reminded of peace and harmony. Nature does that.  I have such an awe for the way nature speaks to us. It reminds us. It calms us. Nurtures us. Nature nurtures me.  I was taught to respect nature, to leave the campground as we found it as they say, or better. 

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