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What I Ate [Without an Appetite] Wednesday

Posted Dec 07 2011 2:58pm

It was an odd day of eats. For some reason, I just didn’t have much of an appetite. Which never. Ever. Happens.

I even went to the store to buy ingredients for a new recipe, and then ended up totally not feeling it. So my eats were pretty lame. Don’t worry, I’m sure my appetite will be back in full force soon!



I’ve been eating more smoothies and less yogurt bowls, due to the exorbitant prices of blueberries. (And I don’t skimp on the b-berries.)  PB+Banana+ Almond milk + spinach is super cheap. Thank goodness. So is my homemade granola.


I’m kind of in a lunch-rut. But it’s not so bad. The salad bars at work are great, so I’ve been filling up on salads. And hummus has become standard, so that’s usually my choice of “dressing”. Although to be perfectly honest, for some reason, I think the hummus has been giving me a stomach ache… and I can’t figure out why. That didn’t help the lack of appetite.


I had picked out all the ingredients for a new recipe and then I had absolutely no appetite. None. So annoying! Finally, around 8pm, I worked up an appetite, and popped in new (to me) Trader Joe’s frozen dinner.

It was surprisingly good, and less than 300 calories. It was definitely filling, but as I mentioned, I didn’t start out terribly hungry.


No matter how not-hungry I am, I am always hungry for fro-yo. Always. So Kate and I made a trip to Sweet Frog, before going to see the movie 50/50 which was super good. And it was fun thinking about the fact the Joseph Gordon-Levitt is in Richmond right now filming another movie.

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