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what i ate wednesday

Posted Feb 27 2013 6:08pm

What I ate today – my simple, healthy gluten free foods.  I do not profess to be a gourmet chef, but rather one who loves natural, whole foods – the variety, colors, flavors, and capacity of food to heal.  I also love creating delicious tastes from simple foods – it’s like a challenge to me, a creative outlet.  A good day to me involves experimenting in my kitchen.  I am inspired by food and what it can do for me – how it has the power to completely change how I am feeling – my strength, focus, sleep, mood.  And, I love hearing other people’s food stories as well, so please share with me how food has impacted your life!  I live for that kind of stuff.




To start my day, I pour myself a cup of coffee or green tea.  Coffee is my favorite, and I first heat a cup of almond milk, add stevia, and then top it off with about ¼ cup of actual coffee.  I buy organic fair trade coffee, as coffee is one of the most chemically treated foods.  Fair trade ensures the workers are paid and treated fairly.  After getting the kids off to school, I typically punch out my most productive writing and working hours with my morning cup of coffee to keep me company.




For breakfast, I had my usual smoothie.  Like I said last week, I am striving to add more protein to my diet, as my activity level has kicked up lately.  I’m not a huge advocate of protein powders, as I believe in eating real foods, and to isolate the proteins, some level of processing must take place.  But, in moderation, I add them to smoothies to give them a protein boost and make them a well-balanced meal.


I choose protein powders with the least ingredients – only things I recognize and sweetened with stevia.  Today, I added egg white protein by J. Robb.  I also like a vegan protein powder by Sunwarrior made with cranberry, pea, and hemp protein.  Both are sweetened with stevia, and I find I digest these powders easier than others.  I avoid whey and soy – whey because it is a dairy protein and I do not digest it well, and soy because I do not believe in supplementing with a lot of unfermented soy products, as it is not a health food (but that is a whole other blog post!).  I combined 1 scoop vanilla egg white protein powder, ½ avocado, 1 cup water, 1 cup spinach, ½ cup berries, ½ apple, a little cacao powder, and ground flax – 325 calories.


Confession – I am not a clothes shopper.  I do not enjoy it; I just want to get what I came for and get out.  This results in me making a lot of mistakes and leaving the store not even seeing all of the options.  I have a dear friend who is also my stylist.  She has completely changed my look and in turn boosted my confidence in the process.  When I met her almost 10 years ago, our kids were babes and I had hair up to my ears in a not very attractive layered bob like style (if you could call it that).  I wore mostly turtlenecks, which is now a joke between us, as when we first shopped together I continued to gravitate to and pick out these matronly tops.  Now, I still love for her to shop with me because she stretches me to try new things (we all need friends like that!), is honest with me with me before I purchase anything, and basically helps me stay current with trends and put a style all together.  Did I mention I am not a shopper and don’t enjoy it at all?  But when I go shopping with her, it becomes a fun and almost relaxing day.  Today is one of those days.  We shopped, lunched, and I enjoyed it (and got a couple of cute things too!).  We ate at Seasons 52 where every dish is under 500 calories.  We shared the shrimp and scallops ceviche with pineapple, lime, coconut, and jalapeno, and I ate the ahi tuna salad.  YUM!


photo photo2


Dinner is turkey burger stacks – chopped lettuce, turkey burger patty seasoned with lemon pepper, onion, tomato, avocado, and Dijon mustard.  The kids opted to reduce the veggies and add a bun, and of course they smothered theirs with mustard, ketchup, and pickles.  We had some left over mashed rutabagas as a side.  Doesn’t get more basic than a burger, but everyone was satisfied and happy.



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