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What I Ate Wednesday {New TV Edition)

Posted Apr 10 2013 9:39pm

A couple of weeks ago our 10 year old hand-me down TV went kabunk.  I was slightly horrified that we were going to have to cough up enough $ for a new TV and stand (the old TV was one of the super old school huge guys that took up half of the living room) but 10x more excited that we were going to get a tv that was smaller than me!

With the help of my incredible parents, we scored a beautiful tv + a stand (that my dad and hubby had the pleasure of putting together over the course of 3 hours) and …..wait for it…….. Netflix.  On the TV.  There’s even a button for it directly on the tv remote.  I’m absolutely aware that I am probably one of few has finally been welcomed into this new world of netflix direclty on your tv- and it is highly dangerous.  So dangerous, in fact, that we started watching a new series that we swore we never would.

My youngest brother and parents are obsessed with it and have finally convinced me and the hubby to start watching it.  You guessed it—-> The Walking Dead.  Yeah, we’re officially on the train.  Better late than never.

As I write this WIAW post, all I am really thinking about is how quickly can I hit “publish” and start watching a new episode.  I clearly have my priorities straight today. #sorrynotsorry ;)

Ahem. Anyways!

WIAWbutton This weekend I made a batch of strawberry banana muffins that were absolutely horrible (texture-wise!).  I haaaaaate throwing food out, so I sort of reconstituted them by tearing 2 muffins apart, throwing them in a pan, adding 1 scrambled egg and then topping it with the usual almond butter, jam and chia seeds.  It actually turned the horrid texture around into a really good pancake sort of thing.  Maybe all that breakfast needs is a scoop of almond butter and I’ll say anything is good.


Breakfast held me over for 4 solid hours!  For lunch I brought a sweet potato + smear of almond butter and a salad with 1 sliced apple, leftover chicken, walnuts and olive oil/balsamic vinegar for dressing.  Simple yet delish.


In between jobs I snacked on 1 cutie and 1 egg.  I thought I might need all of it but miraculously didn’t!  Note to self- never put unpeeled hardboiled eggs in a baggie to snack “on the road”.  Dumbest idea ever.  I still have egg shells on the floor in my car.   IMG_2641

Snacked on some olive hummus and crackers while I made dinner IMG_2648

A southwest, black bean, potato bake.  It wasn’t the greatest dish ever, but it got the job done.  I ate all of this on Monday, and since I went grocery shopping on Tuesday- this dish was kind of a “throw everything you have left in the fridge together, bake it, and pray that it is edible when done” sort of thing. ;) IMG_2652

And right before bed I ate 1/2 of an unpictured peppermint chocolate luna bar.

And that’s a wrap!  Walking Dead time!  I specifically knew that if we started this series it would consume our lives until we were totally caught up with the series…..we just starting season 2, but if the next few days are like the past couple have been….we’ll be caught up in like a week.  Sigh. I have no idea what self control means.



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