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What I Ate Wednesday {and about unforgiving search engines}

Posted Oct 16 2013 9:44am

After a series of serious and sometimes depressing posts I am ready today to celebrate our weekly foodie party. Though I know how understanding and amazing you guys are, the search engines are obviously not as forgivable and punished me by redirecting search phrases like “how to get pumpkin mask in ninja soul” to the blog. If whoever searched for that mysteriously still sticks around: sorry dude, I really don’t know how to help you. But if you find a solution to your problem, please make sure to share.

Apart from these fun SE musings I also worked hard today on moving my blog from to I hope everything works as it is supposed now. If not – please give me a short hint so that I can work on it. And now I can make it official: welcome on, make yourself at home, while I play around: No. 1 on my to do list is getting a good recipe plugin.

Usually I am one of the first sharing my Tuesday eats for our weekly party, but since I really wanted to make this one the first WIAW on the new site you had to wait a little. Also yesterday I grew myself a serious cold. From feeling slightly sluggish in the morning to being not able to breath through my nose in the evening. No fun, I can tell ya. Hope the chicken soup on my stove will help me work through this.

oatmeal with almond butter Yesterday started with a bowl of comforting eggy oats. I topped them off with cottage cheese, apple sauce, almond butter and maple syrup and was the happiest girl in the world, stuffing my face with one of the best foods I know.

katjes pandas While working on my master thesis I made my way through a few panda wine gums and a can of mango green tea.

steaming bolognese Lunch was a lucky freezer-find: spaghetti squash, some pasta, bolognese sauce and gran padano on top. My dad “borrowed” me his tripod, so I cannot promise that .gifs like that won’t become a regular thing… it’s the child in me.

cottage cheese with cereal For dessert I combined some more of the cottage cheese with oat crispies, blueberry jam and almond butter. And from there on my nose started to run like crazy, I felt a little dizzy and thought a short nap might help. But 10 minutes turned into 20, into 30, into 40 … and somehow I ended up sleeping close to 2 hours in the afternoon.

chicken soup A friend came for dinner and we decided that a store bought chicken soup sounded just right.

mozart praline and tea Tea, tea and more tea was making it’s way into my tummy throughout the evening. And so did 1 (or 2) Mozart pralines .

Hope that staying at home today and eating some homemade chicken soup (it’s always so much better than the store bought one) will help fight the cold.

Any recommendations how to get better quick?

Have a beautiful Wednesday my friends! Hope you are all well.

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