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What foods, if any, have negative calories?

Posted by rb

I’ve heard that some food, like celery, has negative calories. Is this true? Are there any others?

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Yes, celery does have few calories. It is also high in fiber, water and is a good source of sodium. 

 There are many low calorie, high fiber veggies.  Here are some more examples.  However, if you are asking for weightloss, just remember that calories are not the key to losing weight.  Contact me at for more info on that!

Here are some more low-cal veggie ideas.  Looks like the makings for a great salad to me!  Just add some extra virgin olive oil and squeeze of lemon and a palm size side of clean lean animal protein and you have yourself a great meal!

- 1 cup of romaine lettuce, 9 calories

- 1 cup of mushrooms cooked in no calorie cooking spray, 40 calories

- 1 cup of radishes, 20 calories

- 1 cup of spinach, 40 calories

- 1 medium tomato, 25 calories

- 1 cup of zucchini squash, 28 calories

- 1/2 large cucumber, 20 calories (about 5 ounces)

- 1 cup of celery, 20 calories

- 1cup of cabbage, 32 calories

- 1 large carrot, 30 calories



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