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What exactly does it mean to ‘own your emotions’? (video)

Posted Oct 06 2013 10:00pm

Do you ever caught up in all those fancy self development words that have become so familiar to us and yet, when you actually stop to think about what they mean, you find yourself standing there scratching your head not quite able to put a finger on it?

Well, for me, and for one particular ‘follower’ (I always find it weird to use that expression in this sense, sounds a bit creepy – but she’s not, this particular follower as I do know her a little…), the phrase ‘own your emotions/habits/actions’ is one of them.

So in this week’s video I talk about what this means in real, everyday, practical terms.

And of course we all want to know, what do you understand by ‘to own your emotions/habits/actions’? Please share with us in the comments below.

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