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What do you know about super greens and are they good for everyone to take?

Posted by LulieB

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Yes, Supergreens are good for you.  I can't think of anyone that would not benefit from them.  Supergreens is the name of a sprouted greens powder product by a company called Innerlight. They contain valuable plant enzymes, phytonutrients, and chlorophyll.  Most importantly, they deliver alkaline food properties to the body, which helps maintain a healthy pH balance. To learn more about alkaline foods and maintaining a heallthy pH balance, please take my FREE Alkaline Food Test.

One of the benefits of products like Supergreens is that you can consume a small amount of the powder formula to surpass the nutritional intake of many pounds of fruits and vegetables. However, there are tastier products that offer even greater benefits.  NuPlus is concentrated nutrition in an advanced formula that has been around since 1982, by Sunrider.  I have known people who have used both products and they enjoyed the flavor and benefits of Nuplus more than Supergreens, but the price is slightly higher due to the superior ingredients.

They are not bad for you, but before you go spend money on supplements and feeding your body a few drops, consider eating out of a plate some real food.  Buy your own greens, variety of sprouts and grasses, and learn to enjoy a balanced diet.
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