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What do rock stars eat?

Posted by Tamar F.

Writer's Answer

Drummer Gary Allen (Charlie Daniels Band, J.J. Cale’s band, The Outfit) is mindful that musicians eat a lot of, well, CRAP. They’re on the road, they’re either living the Peter Pan existence or reliant on Waffle House. But the ones who make it for the long haul are a little more careful about what they eat.

He says, “If you want a greasy cheeseburger, have at it. Just don't make junk food a regular thing, it will catch up to you later. Alan White, the drummer for Yes, was sneaking off from the other vegetarians in the band for a cheeseburger, whenever he felt his aggresion slipping in his playing. Just remember, we work harder than anyone in the band, and pace yourself.”

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