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What creative ways are there to use ground flax seed and hemp seeds

Posted by joyce s.

I cook with both ground flax seeds and hemp seeds but am searching for creative ways to use it.
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I add at least a Tablespoon of ground flax to all my baked goods
Isn't it true that our bodies can't break down these seeds and that we have to grind them in order to get the health benefits? I like the seeds in salads, but if they're not ground, it there any point?
I add about 1/4 cup ground flax seed to loaves of bread that I bake.
I would lightly toast them dry in a frying pan -- taking just a minute, don't let them burn! -- and then, add them to marinades and vinaigrettes. Also, you can roll little sushi rolls in them, just like they do with sesame seeds. You could also try adding them to some panko crumbs and dipping fish or chicken pieces in them, as a breading. Those seeds have a savory taste to them.
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