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What causes metallic body odor?

Posted by johnburrows

I have a friend that once he sweats, he has a strong metallic body odor.  It's not there after showering, but if he breaks a sweat, it's on.  It doesn't have a "stink" but just metal.  Having been a metal technologies person, I can best describe it as close to corroded aluminum.  He wears no deodorant, or rarely does.  What is a possible cause and a cure?
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Everyone has their own 'musk' but there are a variety reasons for your friend's metallic smell. If he wears jewelry, a person's sweat can react with these metals, much in the same way as if you were to hold a penny in your hand for a while.

Also, if he has an open wound, that may give off a metallic smell (due to the iron in your blood). 

Personal products that contain certain minerals may react with his sweat in a way that produces the smell as well.

Here is some more info on B.O.: 

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